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Cornerstone Content: What Is It and Why Does Google Love It?

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A successful SEO content strategy is founded on the cornerstone content. These are the most crucial and comprehensive pieces of content on a website. Cornerstone content pages offer in-depth information on a specific topic rather than promoting products. They are the backbone of a website's content, providing a solid foundation for all other content to build upon.

Creating pages and posts that revolve around a particular focus is typically part of a cornerstone content strategy. Additionally, because the cornerstone content pages contain the most crucial keywords associated with the company, they necessitate an effective SEO keyword strategy.

An internal linking strategy is another necessary component for building cornerstone content pages. As a strategist, it is essential to map out a website's content in a way that clearly defines its hierarchy. This involves identifying the most important pages and ensuring they are easily accessible. Additionally, internal links should be strategically placed to guide visitors to related posts and pages. As a result, they serve as the topic's "pillar pages."

Pillar pages can be viewed as the website's main draws in one way. Each cornerstone article contains links to other posts or complementary pieces that explore a specific subtopic more in-depth.

A cornerstone content strategy aims to increase organic traffic by positioning pillar pages higher in search results and providing visitors with high-value content. As a result, it is an essential component of the buyer's journey strategy for acquiring customers.

Cornerstone Content vs. Evergreen Content 

Evergreen content is a commonly used term for foundational content. However, these two terms are often used interchangeably due to their similarities. For instance, both are foundational posts or pages of high value that offer visitors helpful information.

Evergreen content is distinct from other types of content due to its timeless nature, which allows it to remain relevant for years. Consequently, content marketers highly value evergreen marketing strategies as they consistently attract visitors, regardless of the post's age.

SEO writing services should strive to make cornerstone content timeless whenever possible rather than distinguishing between evergreen and cornerstone pages. One of the most effective SEO strategies for boosting organic traffic and enhancing search engine rankings is through evergreen marketing with pillar pages.

The Importance Of Cornerstone Content In SEO Content Marketing

Achieving high rankings for competitive keywords through standard blog posts is daunting. Therefore, it is crucial to incorporate cornerstone content into your SEO keyword strategy. These pillar pages are created by SEO content writing services to rank for frequently searched keywords.

Keep in mind that the goal of content marketing is to generate local leads and attract visitors. If it gets high rankings in search results, cornerstone content can assist in achieving that. Hence, websites must offer valuable content to secure a higher ranking on Google and other search engines. In addition, such content is more likely to be linked to and shared, boosting SEO efforts.

Mapping the internal linking structure is a crucial aspect of content strategy. It requires careful consideration and attention to detail. One of the critical elements in this process is creating a pillar page, which serves as a hub for other related articles and vice versa. By strategically placing internal backlinks throughout the content, search engines such as Google and Bing will recognize the importance of these pages and assign them higher rankings once they have been crawled and indexed.

A well-organized SEO keyword strategy not only aids in site organization but also enhances overall search engine optimization efforts. For instance, related topics may also appear in a hierarchy below the primary post once a cornerstone page appears in search results. Indeed, such exposure has the potential to increase site traffic.

Cornerstone content forces content and SEO specialists to concentrate on specific keywords. As a result, they can avoid a fragmented content strategy and save time and effort by focusing on the most relevant keywords without deviating too much from the core topic.

The creation of cornerstone content does not guarantee rankings, despite the potential improvement in SEO. As with many SEO strategies, it may take several weeks or months to see results. Despite this, utilizing them can enhance a website's credibility and authority. In addition, they help users become familiar with the brand and establish credibility.

Why Businesses And Google Care About Cornerstone Content

Google values cornerstone content because it gives users valuable insights. Therefore, the retention of users on Google Search and its other revenue-generating services is contingent upon the presence of helpful information within search results.

Cornerstone content is favored by Google and business websites for the following additional reasons:

  • Define Authority

The Cornerstone articles are helpful, insightful, and comprehensive. Users will have a positive impression of the company and confidence in it when they read these articles.

  • Improve SEO

SEO and keyword ranking are greatly improved by cornerstone and evergreen marketing strategies, aiding traffic generation.

  • Establishing Organic Links

Most shares and links are made to the cornerstone and pillar pages because of their high value. In addition, the website becomes more authoritative as the number of inbound links and visitors grows, which makes it more visible in searches.

  • Come Up With Topics Or Ideas For Content

After making foundation content, Search engine optimization content composing administrations can keep making more related posts and a coherent substance structure.

  • Help Users Locate Additional Information

Users can navigate and learn more by clicking on internal links in cornerstone posts, which link to related articles.


To develop a successful content marketing strategy, businesses must ensure that each critical piece of content emotionally impacts users. To produce high-quality content, supporting it with factual information, data, and expert advice is imperative. Additionally, it is crucial to integrate the company's brand identity into the content. 

Please visit our website, to discover how cornerstone content marketing can effectively generate local leads for your business. In addition, we can create pillar pages to drive organic traffic and recommend the best evergreen marketing strategy for you, according to our SEO content specialists.

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