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January 15, 2021

Content marketing is the very best form of online advertisement to grow your brand in the long run. I've been running social media management and content creation for over 10 years. I started our working for a company that produced articles weekly and published them on social media. For more information please checkout my article on Why content marketing matters for your business?

Content articles bring in a surprising amount of traffic

It always surprised me how the most obscure articles would be picked up by our audience members. Think about it this way. A single article could brings in 10 - 100 users a month (it probably won't for the first few months as you need to become established and credible first). If you write an article every week, by the end of the year you have somewhere around 40 - 50 articles.. you can see how the math works itself out.

Content marketing is hard work

A word of caution. there is no such thing as get rich quick. Content creation takes time and consistent effort. but you can get results like the attached image. You can see the downturn in traffic. well that was Covid. What's is amazing to see is how the traffic is climbing back up on its own since that content is still out there hard at work.

Is your brand just starting off? Instant traffic is another story.

If you need instant traffic, then advertisements are a good way to build your audience. But they vaporize the moment your ads budget is depleted. That being said, every once of effort that you sink into content marketing continues working for you indefinitely into the future.

Start building your brand and and trust with content marketing today

Contact us today and we can get on a call to discuss exactly how you could implement content marketing to grow your brand and audience trust.

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