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Words are powerful, and captivating people’s attention starts with having copies that are simple yet still informative or persuasive.
Another thing to consider is content types. We make sure you have a diverse library of available content that can help engage people in consuming your media, visiting your website, and discovering your products or services.

KLB Solutions ensures you get only high-quality website copies and other epic content that are well-researched and SEO-optimized so you can make sure it ranks online.

The Best form of online advertisement

Content Marketing

Here are some analytics from a brand that I worked with for over 10 years.  The focus was building quality engaging content that was either inspirational, educational, or motivational.  There was no ad spend to create what was over 35,000 users a month in traffic.  When Covid hit, this industry was particularly crippled as you can see by the analytics.   However, you can also see that the engagements are steadily climbing back up. At the time that I wrote this they were back up to about 15,000 users a month with an upward trend continuing. 

Quality content provides evergreen information whereas advertising vanishes the moment the budget is depleted. 
Build your Organic Growth
Content marketing brings long term organic traffic

Are you interested in how we make it possible? Here’s how we work.

Research Content

The key to useful content is to do thorough research. Our researchers learn what content users are interested in and what content is currently ranking for your industry.

Competition Research

After the in-depth research for your topics, we also think about your competitor - what they do?  what is their content strategy? What useful techniques do they implement to drive organic traffic to their sites?  Let's piggy back on our competitors success.

Keyword Research

Keyword research gives our content writers an edge when crafting content that users are looking for.  Quality content rich with keywords is the backbone of any SEO-driven article.

Write Content

The writing phase. After all the research is done, writing is the next thing we will focus on.  We make it reader-friendly, short but concise, engaging, to keep users engaging with your website.

Promote Content

We promote all new content to get engagement right away. We ensure that your content gets exposure and enough reach online via social media and email marketing.

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