Hiring a White Label Consulting Agency

September 24, 2021


Over the past decade, marketing and advertising have been a constantly evolving scene where no same methodology succeeds forever. It has become a team effort, requiring different people to fill unique roles and specializations in order to meet demands and client expectations. This can be daunting for many businesses without the know-how, tools, and manpower to undertake such tasks as Google Ads, Search Engine Marketing, Facebook Ads, and many other marketing efforts. 

It makes sense, then, that if you want these tasks done right, the smart thing to do is to have them managed externally. This is why white label agencies are increasingly playing key roles in the growth and success of companies looking to scale their client relationships and bring in more business. The ultimate goal of hiring an external team member is to reduce overhead costs, increase profits and keep the highest level of client satisfaction and results.

Which responsibilities can your external team take over?

That depends. The best thing about white label agencies is their versatility. Say you’re in need of services such as Google Ads or Search Engine Optimization; the white-label agency can fulfill those requirements for you. You can work on improving client relations while the back-end work is being done.

Whatever the task, you can expect a competent agency to deliver.

What are the benefits of hiring a white-label agency as opposed to using in-house talent or outsourcing work?

Employees busy working.


White label agencies already have the expertise to deal with your workload. In contrast, hiring a new employee takes time and precious resources, not to mention they’d have to be trained, undergo turnover, and various other internal processes that slow down the work. Hiring an external team means they can specialize in a task and have the tools and knowledge at their disposal.

Employees brainstorming meeting.

Robust Skillset

Google and Facebook Ads, SEO, Research & Analytics; these are all distinct channels that no individual can tackle alone. A white label agency has teams of experts and professionals ready to help your clients. They have copywriters, designers, data analysts, ad experts, and more. While hiring in-house means you’d have to get a new employee for each discipline, you only need to hire an agency to cover all that ground, and save on long-term costs.

Analyzing data statistics.

Your Reputation

A white label agency is like your silent partner. While they do the work, you get the credit. You can keep building your reputation and brand, keep clients happy and win awards, while you leverage the agency’s skill sets and unique tools and reporting. You can sell any of their services to your clients.

Save money on a piggy bank.

Budget Friendly

Most agencies only bill for billable hours. Compare this with hiring employees, investing in tools they need, software budgets, and even benefits, it’s obvious which would be less expensive in the long term. A freelancer would also often charge higher than an agency, with mid to higher level freelancers charging up to $100 to $150+ /hr. Any way you slice it, you’d get more value and save more by hiring an agency rather than an employee who works 40 hours a week or a freelancer with extreme rates.

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A good agency constantly assesses where improvements could be made, and how. This is done by closely tracking results and thorough reporting and analytics. They make sure you are making money and getting good results. If not, they help you come up with a new action plan and brainstorm ideas. Whatever services you offer, the white label agency will assist you in your goals.

How can you find the right agency for you?

Of course, before jumping into any partnership, you must first do some research. Look at the agency’s track record, their previous work and clients, and if you could, do a pilot project with them to get a feel for their service and style. Have clear conversations about what you want and what your goals are. Ask for their case studies of their most significant work, their success stories, and most of all, see if their pricing is competitive. Remember, cheap isn’t always better. Conversely, expensive doesn’t mean it’s good.

This article offers you a more detailed guide in finding the best agency for you.

Final thoughts

The right agency will help you cut down on costs, save you hours of labor, and extend your options. You will be able to achieve your desired growth and client satisfaction. A successful partnership can only mean good things for your business. Find an agency that fulfills your requirements and understands what you need, so you can focus on more important things like running your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about digital marketing, or looking for an external team, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation at: https://klbsolutionsllc.com/contact-us/

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