Commercial analytics: 5 tips to help your business succeed

Commercial Analytics: 5 Tips to Help Your Business Succeed

October 11, 2022CategoriesTags

Amid constant digital marketing change, many businesses struggle to leverage their commercial analytics. Strategy companies usually have difficulty acquiring analytical expertise, poor adoption of technology, and lack of budgetary investment to solve the challenges in the digital business world.

In marketing, there is only one thing: It's never easy to create high-quality commercial analytics. But this shouldn't prevent you from enjoying other features and benefits of retail analytics.

If you want to know more, continue reading, and let's uncover how to best use it

Commercial Analytics: What you need to know

Commercial analytics is about using data to improve business operations. You can use it for various purposes, including identifying new business opportunities and determining the best way to capitalize on them. You can also use it in managing organizational risk and optimizing product development. 

Commercial analytics is most commonly used by marketing and sales teams. It allows them to understand complex concepts about consumers and markets. That is why many aspects of a business benefit from this.  

The Benefits of Commercial Analytics

Commercial analytics helps the business get the most out of every dollar in critical ways. Here are three instances: 

  • Optimized KPI - Commercial analytics is a solution that helps outline what companies need to do for them to optimize KPIs. The analytics can outline solutions, including audience suggestions, targeting, media purchasing, and customer spending allocation.
  • Better Customer Journey - Commercial analytics help businesses understand and create a better customer journey. Not just that, it provides data on the numbers of qualified active customers in a specific geographic area, what customer touchpoint the company needs to improve, and what particular action to take.
  • Financing- can leverage particular company budgets with retail analytics. It helps marketers calculate the effective frequency of the audience and request funding for their employees.

With the right technology and skills, it's potential to help your business is limitless.

Tips to Succeed with Commercial Analytics:

Establish your Goals and Expectations

Why does your company want to invest in commercial analytics? What goals does your company hope to accomplish? After having the answers to these questions:

  1. Think of other stakeholders who might be interested in retail analytics.
  2. Look closely for potential knowledge gaps in your organization before proceeding.
  3. Proceed in assessing your team's capabilities. Once you understand your current team's capabilities, you can start finding technologies that play to your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses.

Think of Long-term Planning

Firstly, you must plan for all the ways you want to utilize commercial analytics, then identify critical results and how you expect to accomplish those outcomes. Considering the ideas of your stakeholders and staff is also a good sign of a healthy start to a long-term project.

Improve Data Quality Processes

The foundation of every analytics approach is data. Additionally, it's one of the trickiest aspects of a successful business analytics plan. Analyze your data quality using the following criteria before you begin: 

  • Completeness and thoroughness 
  • Consistency 
  • Accuracy 
  • Proper Citation 
  • Timeliness 
  • Truthfulness and honesty 

Some smaller firms can manually clean and verify their data for fundamental analysis, but before you engage in commercial analytics, it's crucial to establish scalable data quality standards.

Evaluate your Team’s Analytical Skills

Look for any potential knowledge gaps in your business before proceeding. For instance, does your company have a data and analytics department? Is there anyone on the team that is interested in commercial analytics? What talents does our team already possess, and what can we teach them?

Once you understand your current team's skill set, you may begin looking for solutions that play to your business strengths while mitigating your deficiencies.

Invest in Technology According to your Business Needs

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone, therefore before you invest in a solution, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What teams require commercial analytics?
  • How much data do I have to supply as a solution?
  • Do I have the in-house skills necessary to support a solution, or will I need assistance?
  • Do we work on a global or national/regional scale?
  • What is my target turnaround time?


Outperform your competitors by using commercial analytics! The correct data, technology, and expertise will separate your organization from the rest of the pack. There are also plenty of complex, subjective factors before genuinely investing in commercial analytics.

So, if you'd like to learn more about how commercial analytics can rescue your business organization, KLB Solutions is here to help. 

Schedule a demo with one of our product experts today!

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