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The Benefits of Responding to Reviews for Your Business

March 20, 2023CategoriesTags

Real-time interaction with clients on social media is appropriate for business owners and essential. 

On Twitter, for instance, they are expected to reply to comments and feedback by 70% of users, with 53% expecting a response in under an hour. Businesses' response times and rates are currently being made public on Facebook.

Brands and marketers have started using quicker reaction times as part of their social media strategy in response to requests to listen more intently and respond more rapidly to tweets, mentions, hearts, likes, and comments. 

Online reviews should be taken into consideration as well. Businesses must be able to handle incoming messages and feedback from customers using review websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Citysearch, and even Google Search and Maps at a time when more and more customers use these platforms to inform their purchasing decisions. 

What Makes Online Reviews Important for Your Business? 

Reason 1: Within a week, customers want businesses to respond to their reviews. 

The window for reacting to comments on social media is longer than for responding to reviews. However, it would be best if you still moved quickly. Managing consumer reviews on online platforms is just as important as monitoring comments made on, say, Instagram or Twitter. 

Most customers want a response from companies within a week of leaving an online review, especially one that is critical or unfavorable, according to ReviewTrackers. This firm develops software for managing thoughts and collecting customer feedback. 

2 out of 10 people want a response to their review from a company within 24 hours or less, while 25% are more demanding and want it within three days. 

Reason 2: Unlike social media posts, reviews have a longer shelf life and so remain relevant for longer periods of time. 

Managing social media comments is important, but responding to online reviews is essential because they will likely be relevant for longer. 

Evaluations have a shelf life, and 69 percent of consumers believe that reviews older than three months are no longer meaningful, per a study by Search Engine Land. The only thoughts that are relevant, according to about 15% of people, are those that were written within the last two weeks. 

Tweet shelf life: The average tweet lasts 18 minutes, according to research by Moz. 

Facebook post shelf life: According to a Wiselytics study, 75% of engagement on a Facebook post takes place in the first 5 hours. Reach is even more transient: 75% of Facebook users who will see your post will have done so within the first two hours. 

You must pay attention to reviews if you want to establish and uphold your brand's reputation. What a consumer stated on Yelp or TripAdvisor two weeks ago will probably be taken more seriously by your audience than what a different customer said on Twitter or Instagram two days ago. 

Reason 3: Because it supports your customer service strategy to respond to reviews. 

Many companies currently use social media as one of their primary avenues for customer service, responding to tweets, Facebook comments, and requests posted on Instagram. 

But your target market is also closely observing how you respond to consumer grievances, difficulties, shared experiences, and expectations posted on reviews like Yelp, Citysearch, Google, and TripAdvisor. In addition, they want to know how much you value the comments visitors post to your establishment. 

78% of customers, according to research, agree that seeing management reply to online evaluations increases their perception of the company's concern for them. 

This is why you should incorporate responding to reviews into your plan. As a result, your company may provide better customer service and succeed tremendously by maintaining a solid presence on social media platforms and review sites. 

Reason 4: Reviews and your reactions to reviews are important ranking factors for you on search engines

Are you trying to figure out how to raise your search ranking? Guess what? Giving feedback on websites might be beneficial. 

According to search engines and industry experts, reviews and comments are essential variables affecting where and how your company appears on search engine results pages. 

Even Google has said that answering customer reviews "increases the possibility that a potential consumer will visit your location" and that it "helps enhance your company's visibility on search." Thoughts are one of the top general ranking factors in local search, according to Moz's Local Search Ranking Factors research. 

Reason 5: Addressing customer reviews directly affects your bottom line. 

It directly impacts your company's financial results to take the time to hear, acknowledge, and react to online evaluations and consumer comments. A recent study found that better sales and revenue can result from review responses. 


Customers will continue to talk about your company, whether on social media, in person, or online review platforms, whether you like it or not. So make it a point to participate in these discussions and address reviews. It's one of the finest methods to boost your brand's reputation, live up to client expectations, provide better service, and increase revenue.

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