Best websites in cleaning services

Best Websites in Cleaning Services

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Are you looking for the quickest method or cleaning services to reduce your to-do list? Think about hiring a professional cleaning service. Professional cleaners can handle the dirty labor and are masters at keeping your floors, worktops, windows, and other surfaces look and feel beautiful. One of life's pleasures that you'll quickly discover is a need when you recognize how much more time you can spare for other essential activities. It's available for everyday or special occasion services.

Best websites in cleaning services

Do yourself a favor and reclaim some of your weekly time by hiring one of the top house cleaning services. We have also curated their websites, so you don't have to go through them individually. We are starting strong with the following:


Just like the name suggests, Tidy is a mess-free website. This cleaning service's homepage effectively uses a refined element of a website called white space. It gives us a classy and elegant-looking design. This is also a good representation of what their company is all about. A good connection between your company name and website always goes together beautifully. It's also pretty easy to use.

The website also used easy-to-remember icons for its services which is a brilliant move for visual learners. Their contact information, CTAs, and 'about' information are grouped on their menu button. Reviews and ratings also make the company trustworthy for regular customers and future clients.


Right off the bat, you can immediately tell that MaidPro's homepage is meticulously and neatly designed. The color palette here is pleasing to the eyes. A simple font balances the website and the slider, creatively promoting their services in pictures. Not only that, but the homepage also alone responds and raises awareness of coronavirus, which can be found at the top of the website. 

The phone numbers, call-to-action buttons, and information about the company are easily located on the website. It's inviting, the clients will only click, and they have scheduled appointments in just a snap. Again, the website is brilliantly crafted. It's all laid out but still kept all together.

The Maids

The Maids is like the big sister of all cleaning service companies. The website stands tall above everyone else, proud of its years of hard work and experience. The homepage will hook potential customers in because they can immediately find what service they need, and the reviews are picked strategically to keep them coming in. Also, a promotional video with their smiling employees makes it a warm and inviting website, an intelligent tactic to bring out their emotions.

The way the website is built is fuss-free and thorough. The phone number to dial is already there, a call-to-action that is sleek and persuasive enough, and even has a postal code option for those far away from the common areas they provide service. All in all, the website is original.

Maid Brigade

In website building, Maid Brigade excels in many different ways. How so? Firstly, the use of white space is perfectly executed. It gives the website, and the fade-in floating pictures look stylish without even trying. Secondly, it is systematically organized. From their services to their testimonials, everything is smartly placed. Thirdly, a visible call to action and contact number are promoted well. 

This website, in particular, is synonymous with the feeling of accidentally finding the entire answer sheet for an exam the next day. Keep it low and let the answers do the talking.

Merry Maids Cleaning Services

Merry Maids is at a total halt. The layout is basic yet practical, with a video backdrop and a constant color palette that fits the logo, making it seem professional without distracting from the information. On MerryMaids, the video provides visual stimuli and splits the text to create a more entertaining piece.

A clear call to action showcases a good website goal. It has a fresh-looking website design and is visually appealing. Responsive design and simple navigation make a user experience worthwhile.


To determine the finest housekeeping services for most customers, we looked at a significant geographical presence for cleaning organizations. With that in mind, we also considered their website appearance, accessibility, and content. We have carefully collected, observed, and practiced the craft of building a website. We are confident that our skills at KLB Solutions will help you kickstart your company in the online world. 

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with us and get your free quote!

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