Best tree trimming websites

Best Tree Trimming Websites in 2022

November 9, 2022CategoriesTags

When it comes to home maintenance, trees are one of the most common things that need attention. After all, they add beauty and shade to your yard, but at the same time, they can also cause a lot of damage. Keeping your trees healthy is one thing, but keeping them trimmed is another thing entirely. If you have a yard with many trees, it will be a massive pain to keep up with them regularly without help. 

Thankfully, several tools are available today that make tree trimming easier than ever. These websites can help you find the best tree-trimming website in your area, so you don’t have to waste precious time looking for one. 

Here are our top 5 tree trimming websites that can help you today!

1. Woodland Tree Service

This website showcases a video of their tree services to greet their website visitors. Upon arriving on the website, it highlights the brand's 3 primary services: Tree Services, Landscaping, and Plant Care. Their website speed is fast and does not lag, a positive aspect of web page navigation.

Exploring their three services provides a paragraph describing each service, why it's essential, and even tips for maintaining and reducing tree concerns. This element in the website is a sure good way to capture visitors' trust by sharing their service expertise. Aside from the helpful service section, their ‘About Us’ navigation includes their affiliation, business rationale, goals and objectives, processes, and customer feedback. This is an excellent way to maximize their website and highlight only things that need the spotlight.

2. JL Tree Service

Upon landing at this website, you can immediately see the opaque green video background. With the rise of video content, it’s an excellent move to explore and include it on website pages to attract more customers. JL Tree service kept a straightforward tagline and put it right at the center of their webpage for better emphasis. 

Their services are not bold but are hyperlinked and clickable so visitors can navigate their services more. And just below their tagline and service, they have a simple CTA to help visitors get the quotation of their services faster and with less hassle. A brief business get-to-know-us is included further down the website, followed by another video. The way they present their gallery of professionals, services, and output is lined up on a simple layout. 

But if you are to move further, their articles on different aspects of their expertise are present. All in all, JL Tree Service showcases a simple and essential website but is well-functioning and well-optimized; that’s why it has been one of the few most searchable websites on search engines like Google.

3. Birch Tree Care

This website is among the others who love simplicity in their website. Upon arriving on the website, you can immediately read their service tagline: “Your Local Experts For Tree Care Services.”

This website love to put descriptions on its website elements and only uses raw pictures. Each of their three services is provided with a brief description of the service. In addition, they included a section about why they work with them and the level of expertise of their staff. They also supported this by having the licenses they and their staff acquired on tree trimming services.

4. Trees Are Good

This website truly understands the idea of giving customers something they need and wants to stand out from the rest of the tree-trimming competition. Who wouldn’t like to visit a website that offers Free tools for checking accredited ISA individuals to prevent customers from getting scammed? A helpful tool indeed, right? Another thing they included is the free downloads of Basic Tree Care visitors would surely want to avoid recurring tree concerns. In addition, they also offer educational activities to their visitors, which we believe enhances their customer website engagements.

Aside from these unique website features, their speed navigation is also fast and smooth transitions to where users want to explore on their website. Their resources are also uniquely presented in a list of forms and bare sight on the website. Although Trees are Good does not use captivating visuals, its website encourages visitor engagement!

5. SavATree

SavATree used a series of videos on its homepage that showcased what its brand is all about. The website has 2 navigation panels where visitors can explore more and a moving CTA, uniquely designed to follow every scroll on the website. The most uncommon feature of this website, which separates it from others, is the “find a branch” button, which searches for potential clients' geographical locations to verify whether services can be delivered in their area. It sure saves more time and effort for both the brand and customers since at the start, it knows the limit of its services.

As you move down the website, the animation of their other features adds aesthetic and interactive spirit to the visitors. It can spark curiosity to click and learn more about the brand and what it offers. This website showcases a clean and well-presented context of what the brand is all about. 


And there you have it! Our top best Tree Trimming Website to get you inspired in creating your business website. Use examples to help you design a website that increases search traffic, builds trust, and boosts conversions. Also, make sure your website looks good and functions well. Avoid clichés and follow the basic design principles apparent to the above websites. Don't be afraid to change things up on your site and keep your brand fresh.

Creating a website that best represents your business online is not one-night work. It needs undivided time and attention so you can bring out the best digital image of your business. We at KLB Solutions provide website creation services for your business needs. You can schedule a call with us and find out how we can best optimize your business visibility with your website.

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