Best Tree Landscaping Website in 2022: A KLB Solutions Series

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Being in the service industry, you know how important having a well-done landing website is. Undeniably, it makes your online presence more functional; and allows customers to find all information they need for a smooth transaction. Most importantly, it gives them a good impression of your website design.

Landscaping services are not an exception to the list of businesses that needs a website. Creating a website can be tricky, but this article gathered some of the most well-done websites for landscaping companies that effectively drive traffic to their business. We hope that with the list we figured, you'd find inspiration from this and create one of your own.

Green Tree Landscaping

This website has a simple one-page design for each service and content in the navigation panel. The design strategically symbolizes their company slogan, "Our approach is simple." The color palette works around the white and olive green, which are consistently used on their website. They also use elegant photography that captures their landscaping outputs and provide concise descriptions under their case studies. 

Their portfolio is uniquely displayed in a gallery view and uses well-branded visuals that capture visitors and make them click the image. 


Dennis’ 7 Dees

A website that uses exemplary imagery makes the website inviting, easy to navigate, and gives a modern look. Seasonal content is being highlighted on the website, which suggests that the website is actively updated. 

Some positive points of this website are 1.) it provides a brief rationale for its business, how it started, and how it grew its reputation in the landscaping industry. 2.) It has two sets of navigation to offer quick access to services and work opportunities. And 3.) It has blog resources on plants, gardening, and landscaping ideas that will help visitors access information and possibly, give solutions to their home landscaping needs. 


Branch Out Landscapes

This website is a fitting example of a minimalist website but captures the modern landscaping approach. It has a plain white background and simple displays of visuals and texts. The simplicity of this website makes it clean and less complicated for visitors to navigate the website. 

Information on the website is concise, and the visuals displayed have consistent presets, making it more appealing. Overall, the website's strength is its modern and clean look design.


Manscapers New York

Manscapers' New York website puts value in having stunning photographs of their service output in their design right on the landing page. Its homepage provides easy scrolling and clickable images for better visitor viewing. Their placement of the navigation is uniquely positioned at the bottom of the website. 

The minimalist feature of this website is well-done that you won't find any paragraphs about what the company is. Instead, you must click the navigation at the bottom of their website to learn more about them and their services.


Highlands Landscaping 

The Highlands Landscaping is a simple website that effectively drives traffic. Their website features a linear display of the company highlights, the About Us section, and Client Testimonials. Their website features the basics that every website needs to have. 

The website uses plain white background making the website neat and light to navigate. Like any other website, Highlands Landscaping positioned its CTA at the bottom of the website, but it places its Contact details at the top of its navigation. All in all, the features of the Highlands Landscaping website are responsive and accurate. 


Cutters Landscaping

Cutters Landscaping's website is fantastic since it is robust, responsive, and well-designed. As you may be aware, crisp, high-resolution photographs are essential for service-based enterprises. Customers want to see high-quality images of your work, whether you are in gardening, renovation, or a beauty salon. The language on their webpage is likewise welcoming and creative, and it does an excellent job of intertwining their business principles. 

The website makes it feel more dynamic; it emphasizes its service offerings with clever writing and carefully photographed visuals. And, while it may be complicated, users will have easy navigation around the website.



Not all landscaping businesses provide the same services. While some specialize in routine yard upkeep, others handle landscape design, redesigning whole landscapes to modify a property's appearance significantly. Because there is such a distinction, landscapers must clearly state their area of specialty on their website to avoid wasting anyone's time - including their own. 

This website appeals to us because:

  1. The Brookscapes website is very well and aesthetically beautiful.
  2. It establishes the company's specialization with the heading, "Resort Style Living in Your Backyard," followed by a brief paragraph explaining its specialized services and experience.
  3. They are true to their principles and craft, which can be seen clearly in their positive and satisfied customer feedback.

Renew Garden Care & Consulting

Renew is a landscaping firm established in California that specializes in research, design, and maintenance. They use the unique characteristics of each piece of land to create one-of-a-kind arrangements. 

Renew flips the traditional website design on its head but in a precise, exact way. The page title is revealed by scrolling over a picture, and clicking it initiates an animation transition into the site. The design is rustic, and it sticks out.


Tulip Tree Landscaping

The Tulip Tree Landscaping website offers a self-service option to its customers. Clients may book, chat, email, phone, and more with one click from their website, minimizing heavy lifting for the Tulip Tree staff and offering customers a seamless experience. 

Some website strengths of this brand include a chatbot feature that answers inquiries from the website. It also contains several before and after photographs of their previous work- which can be an excellent way to establish customer trust. Lastly, on the front page, customer evaluations are prominently featured.

Want to create your Landscaping Service a Website?

We at KLB Solutions have over 14 years of experience building websites that convert; we don't just make a website. We build trust and engage with your audience. We can help service industries to develop their website, manage and make a mobile-friendly devices, improve page load and create a custom design. All these services we can help you with will undoubtedly yield better sales returns. 

Curious about our service offering? Leave your emails below and let’s have a productive discussion!

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