Best solar company websites

Best Solar Company Websites

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The Beatles famously sang, "Here Comes the Sun," and the joy you experience when you hear the song should be the same pleasure you feel about solar panel installation. They can not only save you money on energy, but they can also boost your optimism about the future

Best solar company websites

Solar panel installation is not a simple do-it-yourself activity. However, we propose you look at our Top 5 Solar Companies list. 

1. SunPower


SunPower ranked first in Forbes Home on their 10 Best Solar Panel Installation Companies. This company has a wide range of solar panel installations covering 50 states in the United States! What’s great about this website is that you see all of the essential features you need to see in a website advertising solar panel. The pretty picture of a home installed with their product is good, reinforcing what the website is for. Also, the color harmony isn’t that crazy in the eyes; rather a perfect choice since it is very similar to the color of the sky. 

The website also offers ample space for their CTA, a contact number can be spotted up top, and even a search button to minimize confusion on the website. Overall, it’s a website that’s well done.

2. ADT Solar


We’ve all seen websites of different purposes and all that. ADT Solar is one of those commendable websites that never fail to serve us with good looks. It looks clean, but with colors. This homepage's signature design sticks to two or three hues and has more orange pallets. It’s also creative that they added not just a picture but a video as their backdrop to promote their service flawlessly. The slogan, ‘‘Easy. Simple. Cost-effective.’’ sounds promising enough to get you to sign up for their quote!

As I’ve mentioned before, this homepage is clean. Therefore, even if you just look around, you’ll see their contact information, call to action, and much more. It’s also user-friendly, and you won’t get lost trying to navigate through the page. 

3. Blue Raven Solar


When you search the internet for Blue Raven Solar, it will bring you to this website. Other terms to define it? It’s exquisite. It is not too persuasive but subtle with their CTA, has an option to request more information in case something isn’t clear for the client, and a few paragraphs to tell the client about their story. The user experience for this is also emphasized because everything is set nicely and clearly on the homepage, letting the client explore more about themselves and the beauty of the website.

Call to action is easily spotted. What’s more? They care for the environment. As shown in the statistics a few scrolls down. Showing love for the environment, in general, is the optimum way to help our planet, giving them another strategic piece to incorporate into their website. It’s user-friendly, eco-friendly, and exquisite in one.

4. Zenernet


What did we tell you about appropriate color combinations? It creates a market for you effortlessly. This website right here, Zenernet, is a good example of marketing with your website’s color palette. Notice that the amber color appears when it’s about quotes and some other stuff, then contrasting it with a nice black or grey. Amber and grey are just one of thousands of color combinations you can try on your website. Zenernet’s website here made good use of that centuries-old technique.

Regarding the placement of their contact information and CTA, it’s a bit hard to find, but usually, it’s at the top of the page like this one has. Adding statistics and reviews is also a plus for developing credibility and trustworthiness in a website. To wrap it up, the technique used here is marvelous. 

5. Palmetto


The last website, but not the least on the list, Palmetto. The website’s main colors are green and blue and follow through the whole website. The arrangement is effective because it draws attention to the most important information. It is also simple for the consumer to understand because it does not need to go through many buttons to see where it’s going. Palmetto’s logo is also a fantastic and fun way to help the clients remember the company. 

An identifiable contact number to dial in is visible. The reviews are also added, along with an organized gallery for you to choose from. The sliding gallery includes services, storage, products, and a few more. Also, one of the important parts of the website, the call to action, is brilliantly added. You can state there your monthly electric bill, which will help break down the cost for you when you try installing solar panels with their company. Palmetto’s bringing it on.

Key Takeaways

Your state's availability and specific energy requirements determine the finest solar energy business. If one has a budget, then why not go solar? 

If you have the budget, why not go online? Whether you are a company, or an entrepreneur trying to make it on the favor of diving to the internet, dear friend, you need a website. 
With that buzzing problem, we can give you a hand. We at KLB Solutions have built amazing and functional websites for our clients. Not enough? You can check out our works here and while you’re contemplating it, remember that we are here to help. Just ring us and get your free quote. Yep, it’s that easy. Schedule us a call now!

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