Best roofing websites

Best Roofing Websites in 2022

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Selecting a roofing company is a significant choice that should not be taken lightly. Nobody sets out to employ a bad roofing company, but differentiating a good roofing company from a bad one may be difficult for many individuals, especially if they've never had jobs done on their roofs before. This is where we step in. We've compiled this list of the finest roofing companies in 2022 to help you choose the best one for your roofing requirements.

We'll explore what each company offers in our assessment of the top names in the roofing industry so you can make a more environmentally friendly alternative for your house.

Power Home Remodeling / Roofing

Power Home Remodeling uses a minimalist style of website design. The homepage represents what the company is about, with its slogan as the centerpiece. It is not overly crowded with buttons, but you can still navigate through the website. Everything is just perfectly placed. Although the services are hidden in those buttons, finding them is a good surprise.

The homepage is not your typical homepage. That’s because snippets of everyday life in video form span across the screen. However, you can find all of your needs on the button located in the upper right corner for easy access. Overall, browsing this website is an experience on its own.

Erie Metal Roofs

Erie Metal Roofs’ homepage is doing business. You will immediately see a form for a free quote and a good discount on their roofing service. Clients will no longer have to search the entire website if they need immediate assistance; it’s right there. There is a good utilization of space, and their website is bold but sophisticated in style.

Contacting them is a breeze; if needed on special occasions, an online agent is a good strategy for answering clients’ questions. Displaying the ratings and reviews is a beautiful tactic, as well as the website’s color harmony, too. 

Aspen Contracting

This website is also one of those websites that you can’t help but love. Aspen Contracting cares for its clients and services just by reading its slogan. They also discuss how they operate roofing while maintaining the safety of their customers during the pandemic. The customer experience is nicely featured on this webpage.

The blurred-out facade of a roof adds an enigmatic appeal to the viewers. Their contact information and social media links are placed strategically. One where it doesn’t take high and low to find them. The homepage’s colors also complement the overall website design.

CMR Construction and Roofing

CMR Construction and Roofing nailed the term ‘less is more with their cooling monochromatic webpage look. Although it looks easy on the eyes, the major elements of a website are very present. One look, and you’ll know it’s their brand plus slogan; if you need immediate roofing help, their big CTA can't be missed.

The website is refined and more modern looking. Each component is highlighted effortlessly, thanks to choosing monochrome as the theme. The contact number is also close to their brand name, which is wise because it is easier to remember the company. Everything else falls rightly in its place.


Websites with many elements need to be complemented with a fresh, organized, and stylish look. Lowe’s, a retail company specializing in home improvement, is a good example. It might shock you, but they also do pretty well in their roofing services.

The website is pleasing to the eyes, and although a bit crowded, it still delivers well. The call to action is minimized to focus on the products and services. Although the website is bigger than average, all their contact information about the company, customer service, social media links, and private use are organized neatly at the bottom of the page. This is a great tactic when developing a website that holds lots of information on just a single page.

Key takeaways

We hope this article helps you better understand the fundamentals of web design. To recap, here are some crucial factors in building a website that is both functional and attractive: 

1. The user is always first: customer experience should be prioritized in your design since your visitors will eventually decide if your webpage is worth visiting. 

2. Choose the professional website builder for your purposes: consider what the main functions of your website will be, and then select a page builder that will meet those demands. 

3. Balancing visual elements: It's critical to strike a balance between your content, images, multimedia, and color palette to avoid creating an overly exciting website that distracts people from the ideas you're trying to convey.

Now that you've mastered the fundamentals of web design, we would also like to extend our help. KLB Solutions offers our services in building, creating, and designing your website! We love to be a part of it. Take a look at our work and schedule us a call to get your FREE QUOTE!

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