Best Practices for Social Recruiting

Why Should Every Company Use Social Media for Recruitment | 4 Best Practices for Social Recruiting

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Social recruiting is the method recruiters use to find candidates through social media platforms. Therefore, it is also referred to as social media recruiting, social hiring, and social recruitment.

Social media is used in employer branding. These channels help employers spread the word about their employee value proposition and optimize their inbound recruitment effort.

With the consistent increase in social media usage, social media recruitment has been gaining popularity among talent acquisition professionals. As a result, almost 90% of recruiters hired someone on social media. Here are some of the benefits of using social media in recruitment:

Choose the proper channels and build your company’s online reputation

Today, there are many various social media channels. Hence, it is essential to understand how each channel works and who is the primary audience on each channel. For example, while Instagram may be the best fit recruiting when targeting people in design, marketing, retail and similar, this channel may not be the best for developers.

Instead, some employers have started recruiting developers through niche social media platforms and forums.

Improve your social media profiles

Social media profiles that you use for recruitment should represent your company’s culture and core company values. 

Many organizations create separate profiles on Facebook and Instagram for employer branding and talent acquisition. As a result you can target your communication and messaging toward potential job seekers and showcase the content candidates are looking for.

Many organizations encourage their employees to optimize their profiles on LinkedIn. For example, they provide branded and consistent cover images or ask employees to include links to the company’s career site on their profiles.

If you are using LinkedIn for recruitment, you should also consider implementing a LinkedIn life page which provides an excellent way for organizations to showcase their culture and employee-generated content.

Use catchy captions for your social media post.

When advertising job openings on social media, you should use inviting but clear messaging and always include an image clearly stating whom you are looking for.

Also, don’t forget to use hashtags when posting job openings. Some job seekers follow hashtags such as #hiring and #jobopening, so including those could help you reach the candidates faster!

Invest in paid ads for boosting your social media posts and use insights to perfect your campaign.

Earlier, we briefly mentioned using paid ads for job promotions and for boosting the visibility of your employer branding content. However, one of the most significant benefits of using paid ads on social media is better targeting than other channels, such as job boards.

Additionally, social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram is often much more affordable. Social media makes it easy to target candidates by their job titles, locations, interests, and many other criteria, making advertising much more targeted.

Start with smaller budgets and track the results. Then, experiment with A/B testing to see what kind of captions and images better resonate with your audience.

 Involve employees in sharing posts on social media.

To master your social media recruitment efforts, you will need help from your employees. Organizations with employer brand ambassadors are much more successful in attracting new candidates and hiring better-quality employees.

65% of respondents would consider a new job opportunity if they heard about it through a personal connection in their network.

Social recruiting through employee advocacy automatically increases your reach when you begin recruitment. By sharing your job listings through their social networks, your workforce exponentially boosts your ability to connect with a much wider audience.

It is essential to understand that the easier it is for your employees to get involved with your social recruiting campaigns, the more likely they are to share content on behalf of your brand naturally. This is why organizations use employee advocacy platforms built to make content sharing easy for every employee.

Social media are great playgrounds for recruiters

A social media recruiting strategy should be well thought out, planned, and documented to include your target audience. Then, take advantage of digital marketing with the help of KLB Solutions, with over 13 years of business experience. Recruiters can benefit from Digital Marketing.

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