8 best handyman websites of 2022

Best Handyman Websites of 2022

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Despite the fact that word of mouth is still a significant source of potential customers for local handymen, a professional website may make it simpler than ever for potential clients to locate you. A well-designed web page with service pages, reviews, and company information may set a handyman apart from the competition. We've provided a list of the top 8 finest handyman websites and their design concepts as samples. We hope that these reviews will help you in designing and creating your very own handyman website.

Andy OnCall

Andy OnCall has a memorable tagline, which is displayed at the very top of the website. This website employs a unique typeface that gives the appearance that someone painted a portion of the information, resulting in a strong feeling of branding through graphics. With a few distinct links around the homepage and a sticky header with a contact page, it is really easy to contact this organization.

T&Z All Services

T&Z All Services creates a name on its own. To highlight specific regions, the website extensively uses white space and a pop of blue color scheme. Many boxes are utilized to organize the information and services offered.

A large and visible contact form that can be seen at the bottom of the homepage makes it easy to find and contact them.

Tampa Works Handyman

The site employs a bright yellow color that makes the page stand out. Tampa Works Handyman explains what services they provide. There's a link to the gallery and a few photographs. On the homepage, there are several user reviews. This sample website features include a live chat, social networking connections, and a contact form.

ER Handyman Services

The homepage of ER Handyman Services is extremely straightforward. The services are clearly shown and described, and each one can display more information. Customer reviews may be seen on the site and can be viewed by scrolling through them. There is an Instagram area at the bottom of the page with numerous pictures/posts from satisfied customers. Social proof, will assist boost sales and improve the time that is spent on the website.

Handyman Services in DC

Consider Handyman Services in DC as an example of a website that puts its services front and center while also defining the business. They also share client reviews on the homepage. Bright yellow accents around the page draw your attention. The homepage has contact information at the top and bottom.


Scherr's website has a minimalist homepage with navy and light grey writing on a clean white backdrop. On the homepage, there are only contact forms and reviews. This is an excellent illustration of how simplicity may be better. All additional links are located at the top of the page and are correctly structured. Many images inside those links do an excellent job of describing various sections of the website.

Honest Renovators

Second in our list is Honest Renovators’ website. This site avoids the use of bright colors and also other distracting elements. A dark color palette is utilized to bring emphasis to the images around the text. An Instagram area at the bottom of the main page displays various images from consumers. This is an excellent approach for potential clients to show social proof and the work that the company can achieve.

The Honey Do Service

Last but not least on our list, we have The Honey Do Service. The color scheme for this handyman website is green and yellow. The colors compliment their emblem and the tools they utilize. This website is an excellent example; it is well-organized, with several card designs and connections to further information. The site is kept bare and uncluttered. One thing that struck me was the use of an accurate inventory of what needed to be done for every season.


Now that we have discussed and reviewed the basic things to look for in a website, you might be looking for talent who could build a website. Well, look no further. Here at KLB Solutions, we assure you that with our trusted and proven skills, making your website will be our delight. 

We believe you have an idea in mind that you want to bring into reality. You also know how to create your on-demand handyman website for your company. We know it's not simple to create the finest application, but we must do whatever it takes. Schedule a call with us now and get your free quote!

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