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How to Beat Facebook's Algorithm and Start Receiving More Likes and Shares

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Let's face it, we all have thousands of Facebook friends but only a few reactors. It's funny because every time we post something, the same people appear to hit like and share on our posts, entirely out of respect. We've all been there. 

Are you planning to publish a business on Facebook and don't know how to get more likes and shares? Don't worry, we’re here to help! It all starts with Facebook's algorithm.

What is the Facebook Algorithm?

Facebook uses an algorithm to limit and regulate what posts you see in your newsfeed and the order in which those posts are shown. 

Facebook has more than a thousand choices for what they might show you at any time. The algorithm selects the top 200 results based on your interests and ranks them in order. 

Now that you know how Facebook's algorithm works, let's get your posts seen. Here are seven tips on how you can start receiving more likes and shares. 

The top 7 tips to get past the Facebook Algorithm for more likes and shares

1. Start a Conversation 

The secret is promoting discussion on your piece without appearing desperate or sleazy. It might do it by posing a query, expressing ideas that call for an answer or doing something similar. Try to devise alternative approaches to accomplish the same goal, even if there may occasionally be a time and place for these requests. 

2. Use video in your posts.

More people watch videos than images since they seem to enjoy them. So if your post includes a live video, its reach might increase by up to 6x. Also, Facebook has concluded that since consumers engage with video more easily and enjoy it, more of it appears in users' news feeds.  

3. Be creative, be unique.

The key is to avoid repeatedly posting the same post. Instead, modify it in some way. It is supposed to be the same "material" or idea, presented brand-newly. For example, change the text at the top of the post if you post the same video. 

4. Fewer links in your posts.

Facebook wants users to stay on the platform. Therefore, a link to a page takes users OUT of Facebook when you post it. Simply put, your message will receive much less attention because Facebook wants to keep users on its platform. 

However, links are occasionally required! Make sure they're not constantly rotating link posts but incorporated into other compelling content your audience engages with.

5. Post great visuals

The appeal of visual material is undeniable! Compared to posts with only text, postings with a great photo or video receive 87% higher interaction. Just ensure that every post you publish has visually appealing content. 

6. Tag others in your posts.

Even if they don't follow your brand, the Facebook audience of a tagged person or company might now view the post. So order other companies, brands, etc., to broaden the audience for those posts.

I'll explain. 

Your audience might read your post if you discussed a fantastic price you discovered at Whole Foods. Now that you've tagged Whole Foods (by typing @Whole Foods and choosing from the options that appear), your audience and WHOLE FOODS' audience may view your post! 

7. Post with great timing.

Currently, the golden spot for Facebook engagement is around these times: 

  • Wednesday from 11 am till 3 pm 
  • Thursday at 2 and 4 o'clock 
  • Friday from 10 am to 3 pm. 

Test several times with your audience and see what appears to garner the most interaction, as is the case with most things on social media.

Key takeaways

As with everything else on social media, test everything to discover what engages your audience the most. It could be challenging and senseless at first, but you will surely rake up those views and get well-deserved results!

If you haven't been utilizing many of these tips, I propose you choose one or two to focus on. Once you have established them as routines and are ready to take on more, return to this list and put the next two into action. 
Your Facebook Page will soon be floating past the algorithm's limitations. Follow the KLB Solutions newsletter to learn more!

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