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Automotive Dealer Marketing Strategies to Drive More Sales

May 24, 2022CategoriesTags

Today, almost all consumers shop for cars online before going to a dealership. So smart auto dealers use digital marketing strategies to convert those online shoppers into buyers.

It can’t focus a television commercial on a customer of a specific age or other characteristics. As a result, that potential customer can’t interact with the TV ad. And the dealer often will not know how effective that commercial was in luring potential customers.

Digital marketing can target demographics and other categories of potential buyers. As a result, dealers can quickly and easily see how well the marketing performed and how many people want to learn more.

Most customers spend hours online shopping for their next car before going to a showroom.

Here are the strategies to be considered: 

Automotive Dealer Search Engine Optimization

An Automotive online presence is a huge factor in determining success at this initial point in the purchase journey. Vital Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies will ensure car-buyers can find your dealership in search results. 

A comprehensive SEO strategy should include your website, keyword optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, link building, online reputation management and quality content.

Online Reviews For Your Dealership

Many car buyers turn to online review sites before making a purchase. 70% of car buyers say that online dealership reviews influence where they choose to go. Additionally, 24% consider review sites the “most helpful” factor when it comes to making purchase decisions.

Be sure to monitor your online reviews, quickly and constructively respond to negative thoughts, and continuously encourage your customers to leave reviews about their purchase experience.

Mobile Friendly Auto Dealer Website

When a consumer visits a page that is not mobile-friendly, they will quickly leave in search of a competitor who can deliver an optimized mobile experience. 

Mobile has never been more important for car dealerships, based on the increasing use of mobile throughout the purchase journey, from initial research to final purchase.

Car Dealership Email Marketing

When done correctly, email marketing is a highly effective channel for automotive. Personalization is key to creating emails that convert. 

More People Are Choosing to Car Shop Online

Facebook is also hugely popular with social automotive consumers – 84% of automotive shoppers are on Facebook, and 24% of them have used Facebook as a resource for making their vehicle purchases. 

Social media is a hugely important way for the automotive industry to connect with new car buyers. Not only is social media full of real-time purchase indicators, but dealers can use social media to build brand loyalty, improve the customer experience, and influence purchase decisions. 

When using social channels, share plenty of engaging content on different social media, post inventory pictures, engage in conversations on your social pages, monitor social reviews, and have your contact information easily accessible.

Social Media Advertising

In addition to having a social presence and interacting on social platforms, it can target consumers with extreme precision through social advertising. If you are beginning with paid advertising on social media, a great place to start is on Facebook. 

Consumers can be targeted by various demographics such as age, income, geographic location, gender, and more. 

Video Marketing for Car Dealers

Online video marketing is becoming a huge trend this year. Posting videos can boost engagement and interest in dealerships by displaying inventory and information that most consumers research, making your dealership the go-to place for interested car shoppers. 

According to a study by Google, 64% of people who used YouTube while buying a car were influenced by it- more than TV, newspapers, magazines, and auto review videos on YouTube. When creating videos, keep them short. Videos between 30 seconds and 1 minute are shared 18% more often than videos longer than 1 minute. The top 3 types of content that shoppers are interested in are test drives, features, options, and walk-throughs.

Automotive Dealerships need to help them market effectively!

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