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Advertising with Effective Frequency

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When it comes to marketing or even using effective frequency, more isn’t always better. While it’s true that customers need to see ads to impact their purchasing decisions, any business can be at risk if there is an overload of ads for the target audience.  As marketers there needs to be a proper balance of reaching out to the audience while advertising. That is where effective frequency comes in.

What is Effective Frequency?

Effective frequency refers to the number of ad exposures consumers need to see in a specific time frame to make them take the intended action. The planned activity can be related to the brand KPIs such as newsletter sign-ups, sales or brand equity, making effective frequency an essential consideration in any marketing campaign.

Why It’s Important to have Balanced Advertising Frequency?

Finding the right balance and effective frequency is equally important as finding the right audience. The right balance is essential because if you show infrequent advertisements, the audience may not remember your ad. On the opposite, showing too frequent ads may also annoy them. Both approaches can equally damage your brand and impact your overall marketing. 

Effective frequency is essential to a successful campaign but is often overlooked and difficult to measure. Yet, there’s no hard-and-fast rule in determining effective advertisement. For that reason, marketers need to assess advertising frequency more.

How to Measure Effective Frequency

Measuring effective frequency is challenging simply because frequency depends on many factors. Some of these are customer touchpoints in the campaign; What social media channel do you plan to use? And How will the target audience respond to it?

Here are four factors to consider in measuring effective frequency:

Audience Size

Your audience target size will matter because it is where your ads reach dependent. If your target audience is small, you can expect your ads to get them faster. 

Distinctness and Reception

Distinctness is also essential since it will show how customers will receive your ad campaign. So if your ad is a bit bold and experimental, you can promote it less often. And if your ad is simple, you can show it more often.

Campaign Duration

If running a long-term campaign, you need to consider that a campaign message can get stale in a few months if it’s overly used.

Channel Speed

If you run ads on omnichannel marketing, you need to consider that they can see your target audience across many channels. If not checked, customers may experience ad fatigue.

There you go. The six factors to consider are measuring advertising with effective frequency. It may feel a lot, yet it helps optimize your advertising frequency. 

Final Thoughts

Advertising with effective frequency is crucial to any marketing campaign. However, it isn’t easy, especially if you run an omnichannel approach. And there are many other factors need to be considered to get the right advertisement balance and effectively influence your target to take the intended action you want them to do.

Fortunately, KLB Solutions can help you with this marketing need! With our team of professionals in marketing, we help businesses optimize marketing strategies across all channels. 
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