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8 Trends for Interactive Web Design in 2023

March 8, 2023CategoriesTags

It's time to design an interactive website that responds to a user's interaction or complements the user journey with functional and captivating interactions that don't just make users smile but contribute to keeping users engaged and coming back.


Technology evolves quickly, and web design trends are no exception. As a result, design components and website features that were once cutting-edge and novel may now appear dated, overused, and clichéd. The last thing you want when visitors come to your website is to lose conversion because it seems obsolete or breaks essential web standards.

Here are the eight trends for interactive web design for 2023:

Animated product presentations

Hover animations have always been helpful for modest micro-interactions that keep the visitor passively interested. However, with hover animations in 2023, web designers are going much further, transforming commonplace page items into eye-catching product reveals.

This tendency achieves multiple objectives at once:

  1. The visitor can rapidly review a product without going to another page, which promotes speed surfing.
  2. It makes the product animated and gives a sneak peek into potential uses.
  3. It supports a simple user experience by displaying photos one at a time and keeping the page clear of unnecessary images.
  4. Animating product photographs on the current page can add a new foreground dimension to the website.

Finally, just like other surprise encounters, these hover animations arouse a sense of discovery in the viewer, encouraging them to continue exploring in search of additional revelations.

Intelligent content loading

Many of us have resource-intensive websites with plenty of graphics and third-party integrations that might make them load slowly. Fortunately, various techniques exist to create intelligent websites that only download the content you need and see. 

The technologies of lazy loading and endless scrolling are not new. Particularly regarding infinity scroll, the leading social networks have employed this for years. In addition, long (one) page websites frequently use this strategy.

Every website should consider how employing one or two technology strategies can enable it to outperform or outrank its rivals. All website visitors might benefit from these features, boosting your ranking and conversion rate. 

The lazy load feature ensures that web browsers (such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox) only download the visible content on the screen, saving server resources and TIME by not loading content that may never view.

Many people who visit websites never scroll down. So why would you want to add that stuff and lengthen site loads? Loading the material as users scroll down the page and get closer to it would be preferable.


In 2023, contemporary website designers will favor an asymmetrical design. CSS Grid Layout is popular to provide the web with the full capabilities of print layout. For cascading style sheets, Grid Layout is a 2D grid layout technique. Website designers may create forms for complex responsive web designs using grids. Sites also look cleaner as a result.

Geolocation and Content from Browsers

You may have visited a website, left for a few hours or days, and then returned to find that the information has changed. Unfortunately, you view the same original material you saw the first time you visited the page when you first opened it on your phone or another browser. 

It's no secret that most cutting-edge websites keep track of your browsing activity and location. Modern online firms, however, would urge their clients to show dynamic content depending on past user behavior or information we already have about a user. Not universally applicable content.

Personalized content is more significant for proprietors of e-commerce websites. Online customers' conversion rates may rise if recently viewed, saved, or liked products are displayed. Maintaining a higher conversion rate also depends on drawing attention to the contents of abandoned carts for returning customers. 

After realizing it, visitors anticipate more personalized website content, and this trend will only continue as a vital component of a solid online presence.

Parallax and zoom effect

The parallax effect is an animation technique that gives the illusion of depth and realism by having the foreground parts move more quickly than the background ones. Although it has been a traditional web design aesthetic for a while, websites designed in 2023 prefer parallax zoom scrolling.

This parallax scroll moves the visitor inside or outward from the horizon line rather than horizontally or vertically, producing an abrupt three-dimensional movement. It serves as a zoom effect and mimics how simple it is to zoom in and out, thanks to apps like TikTok. One simple scroll gives users the impression that they are being taken on a journey into the unknown, which is another evident connection to the immersive worlds and overstimulation tendencies.

Chatbots resemble "Chatbuds"

Another feature that has gained popularity recently and will still be useful in 2023 is chatbots—using chatbots for routine customer service inquiries and "personal shopping" as artificial intelligence and machine learning progress. 

For instance, the chatbot may offer a free phone upgrade to a customer who visits your website asking for phone service. They can learn about the promotion through the chatbot. As a result, the consumer may have a great experience, and the firm will avoid the costs of providing live customer service.

Instead of typing into Google to search for information, we now ask a query or make a demand. In light of the increasing use of speech chatbots and virtual assistants, the site design has had to adapt. Although most websites don't have a voice-activated interface, this new development won't go away anytime soon. 

We anticipate more websites incorporating voice search as a substitute for standard text search.

Availability and Accessibility

There is an increasing necessity for online design to consider the demands of individuals with disabilities since inclusivity and accessibility are more than just a fad. More than merely a component of solid customer service and offering a fantastic experience, having a website that every visitor can navigate and interact with is essential. It can improve conversion, improve your SEO, and expand your audience.

Decorative Arts

The aesthetics of website design in 2023 are expected to be dominated by Art Deco. A lot of symmetrical and geometric shapes are used in Art Deco. This fashion is frequently patterned, ornamental, and ornate. Reduced visual stress is a benefit of geometric shapes.


There are many advantages to utilizing some of the trends above. For example, they might raise the bar for your website, establish trust and credibility, encourage much-needed user participation, strengthen the brand's sterling reputation, and, most significantly, connect with the audience by conveying the proper message and creating a lasting favorable impression.

To choose which trends will work best for you, consider your market sector and target audience's tastes. Don't be afraid to change course if your chosen direction compromises necessary user interface features like accessibility, responsiveness, and mobile friendliness.

Reach out to KLB Solutions LLC's team of specialists immediately if your company is prepared to take your web design to new heights.

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