8 Social Media Campaigns To Try in 2021

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It’s late 2021, and the social media marketing space is more competitive than ever. Businesses are constantly vying for the attention of customers online, coming up with clever strategies and adapting to evolving trends. It’s no secret that for a business to be successful today, you need to start building a presence online, particularly on social media platforms. Having a good social media presence allows you to generate traffic to your sites and find new customers. You can communicate with your audience or see how well they receive your content.

With all that said, today’s article is all about social media campaign ideas you can try to help you create brand awareness. Establish a community and generate traffic--which translates to sales and new clientele.

Social Media

1. Start with organic posts

Creating a steady flow of organic, original content is key in establishing your social media presence as you’re starting out. You may be excited to jump into more exciting campaigns or paid ads, but that won’t be very effective if you don’t start small and create a competent looking feed with a good number of organic posts to scroll through. Get creative and experiment. See which posts are getting traction and what connects. You’ll only get better at it the more you do it. Consider this as your first real campaign. Once you’ve done this, however, it’s important to still keep at it even when you’re already doing paid ads and more advanced campaigns.

2. Tell them who you are

Your earlier social media campaigns should be all about introducing your business. There are a number of ways to go about this but one of the best methods is to create posts that briefly tell users who you are and what product/services you offer. Good visual content should go along with these posts, as visuals are more likely to catch people’s attention. Your content must be bite-sized and easy to understand at a glance. Obviously, if people don’t get what you’re all about the first time they encounter your content, chances are they’ll move on and forget about you instantly.

It is also important to add CTAs (Call to Action) at the end of these posts to invite users to visit your website, buy your products, or sign up for newsletters.

3. Hype-generating events

Social media users like to go where the hype is. When a group of people collectively get excited about something, interest can quickly skyrocket surrounding that specific thing. When enough people get on board a hype train, the product practically starts marketing itself.

Create campaigns that generate hype for your business. When you have upcoming products, consider announcing it with a teaser, pre-sale, or even email reminders. Tell your customers that they’re in for a treat, convince them that it’s a good product and everybody wants it.

4. Post promos

When you get hype and sufficient demand, it’s a good idea to follow it with a campaign where you promote offers, giveaways, and discounts. People who have yet to try your products or services might just give you a chance and loyal customers will jump at the opportunity to pay less for more. A sale or discount codes are effective at attracting new and old customers alike. As with everything else, enhance the offering with attention-grabbing visual content and then you’ll have a good marketing campaign.

5. Conduct polls

People like to be heard. When you create polls and allow the input of your customers, it gives them the impression that you listen. It also informs you of what your audience wants from your business, and what they don’t particularly like. The information you gain from polls is just as valuable as the info you get from your analytics and metrics.

6. Showcase user-generated content

With enough loyal customers, a community will eventually grow surrounding your brand. They’ll communicate with you and with each other, and they’ll sometimes create and share content related to your brand. This can consist of photos, videos, and even memes. You can create campaigns that encourage this sort of community-driven activities and showcase their creations on your social media pages.

7. Work with influencers

Social media is the influencers’ domain. They hold a significant amount of clout in their respective niches. Their followers likely follow their hype and listen to them for reviews and opinions. You can leverage this by starting campaigns involving influencers. Have them promote your brand in exchange for pay and free products, ask them to make posts about your brand, or give you shout outs. Whatever the extent of your collaboration, make sure the influencer is compensated well and clear terms are established.

8. Video and live stream

Visual content is more engaging, but even more so if they come in the form of videos, recorded or live. Reviews, behind the scenes, product showcase, etc can be powerful tools to generate the right traffic. Audiences like watching videos more than they like reading blogs. Live stream interviews, influencer Q&As, and even tell stories related to your business.

Final thoughts

Whichever social media campaign you’re doing, always have your budget and audience in mind. None of these will work when you can’t strike the right chord with them. You might experiment for a while before finally finding some footing, but that’s part of the process. And while your ads may be limited by your budget, your creativity isn’t.

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