8 must-have sections on your webpage

8 Must-Have Sections In Your Webpage

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The main goal of creating and optimizing a website is always to make customers feel good when they visit your homepage. Incohesiveness in your webpage can lead to customer confusion and can potentially turn them off. Of course, you don’t want to do that, right?

A pro-tip recommendation commonly observed with successful websites is color-blocking in the website sections. Colour-blocking can guide customers down to your web page's CTA, creating a more effortless flow for customers' journey towards the sales funnel.

We have gathered 8 Must-have you need on your Webpage for better optimization

1. Contact Details

While this might be common, it is also one of the most common mistakes businesses make on their website. Making the contact details less likely readable or taking up only a tiny space in the overall webpage. Preferably. Contact details need to be specific, especially the contact number where customers need to inquire about something. 

Another common lapse in this section is the invitation to take action like: “Email Us” or “Connect With Us.” If you have been missing this section, it's time you need to update and make it your first webpage highlight.

2. Resources (Blogs)

Content is everything. In the digital space where online marketing is a common effort for businesses, a blog section on your webpage is a fantastic way to optimize your webpage. Blogs are the primary sources of SEO. And to get the maximum benefit from blog SEO, your blog domain should be in this format: www.nameofyourcompany/blogtitle. If you don’t include blogs in your webpage section, you will miss many benefits for your website.

3. Testimonials

To attract customers, you must show them they can trust you. The best way to do that is to establish your webpage testimonials. Create a web page section that shares your business expertise, successful projects and credible track record with your current and past clients. In most cases, testimonials are the highest visited section on a webpage, enhancing your business's SEO and discoverability.

4. Geographic Info

Most companies with physical sites rely on clients within a certain geographic region. Fortunately, most individuals specify a location while searching for a product or service. Incorporating your geographical information will aid your SEO approach and allow those unfamiliar with your area to discover your business.

5. Live Chat

Customers find it time-consuming to read FAQs on the website. To meet customer behavior, a live chat is an excellent way to continue providing customer information. With the help of AI, live chat is now more feasible for all business sizes. In most cases, customers return to websites that answer their questions quickly and make successful purchases because of Live chat. 

6. Images of Your Team and Business Work, Product, and Services

Customers would want to know more whose behind this company, and it makes them more comfortable if they see a glimpse of who are the people they will transact with. Include a webpage section that showcases your team's talents, expertise, and what they do. A video of your services and products is also essential and effectively attracts customers.

7. Call-to-Action and Subscription Offer

Call to Action and Subscriptions are two important sections on a website. It guides the customer to your desired sales funnel, keeping them with the subscription they sign up for in the long run. Call-to-Action encourages your visitors to take the next step towards purchasing. While Subscription supports customers with up-to-date products, services, and information that is helpful for the,

8. About Us Section

People want to know who exactly they are transacting with. That’s why a section about who you are as a business and why you do what you do can make a huge difference. The About Us section is a great way to talk about functionality, your values, goals, and your mission as a business. As mentioned in # 6, consider the founders and business partners and appreciate your team in your About Us section.

And as always, visuals will always matter. Invest in it, too, to get your business goals running!

Wrap up!

What do you think of what we presented? We are confident that these tips will make a strong foundation for a website. We are interested if you have any questions regarding the article. You may contact us to know more about our website creation services, and we can provide KLB Solutions to you!

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