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7 Tips to Help You Power Through Marketing Trends 2023

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As businesses learn to use new technology, marketing trends, ranging from keyword analytics to black-and-white newspaper ads, come and go. As a result, brands must rely on more than their tried-and-true marketing best practices in this constantly changing environment. Instead, effective marketing trends strategies have changed to reflect consumer attitudes and preferences.

2023 is expected to be a fascinating year for marketing due to emerging technologies and consumer trends. The 16 marketing trends and techniques listed below can help you stand out.

Long-Term Connections Between Influencers And Brands

Historically, word-of-mouth promotion has been one of the most effective marketing techniques. People are more willing to try if someone they know and trust suggests a good or service. Influencer marketing takes that idea and updates it for the current digital era by partnering a business with an individual with a specialty and a sizable online following.

Marketing professionals use influencer marketing for various purposes, including growing brand recognition, establishing authority and trust, connecting to a larger audience, and reaching their target demographic. While 2023 is certainly not the first year for this type of social media marketing, brands are embracing the chance to create more intense bonds with their target audience by selecting long-term "brand ambassadors." These cooperative relationships enable the brand to form enduring bonds with its influencer partners while the influencers can uphold credibility with their audience by consistently promoting the same brand.

Video Content And Live Streaming

Because of its capacity to hold a viewer's attention for a more extended period than static posts, video-based content is increasingly becoming a primary emphasis area in social media marketing. Marketers employ bite-sized films to promote interaction and raise brand exposure among millennials and Gen Z on platforms like TikTok and Instagram reels. 

Additionally, live streaming is proven to be a successful marketing trends strategy. According to one research, consumers streamed content on mobile devices for 548 billion hours in 2021. When used in conjunction with influencer marketing, live streaming enables potential buyers to interact with influencers familiar with the product, discuss it, and buy it while watching the stream.

Marketing Trends Material Created By Users

User-generated content is the new word-of-mouth, whether it be TikTok trends or #OOTD photos. Original and brand-specific, this kind of content is made by consumers rather than brands. Examples of how brands can use user-generated content include unboxing videos, makeup reviews, branded hashtags, and photo tags. 

Anyone may produce user-generated material; therefore, incorporating it into your marketing plan can increase the credibility of your brand. Consumers are 2.4 times more inclined to trust user-generated content than brand-created content, demonstrating the importance of emphasizing authenticity in your marketing approach.

New Strategies For Targeting

Due to growing privacy concerns, Google plans to phase out third-party cookies by the end of 2023. Target marketing uses cookies to track a user's online activity so that they can provide a personalized experience. Brands are investigating alternate targeting options to continue creating highly tailored content and advertisements.

SEO Voice Search Strategies

Marketers are now using voice search as a technique for search engine optimization (SEO). These digital assistants are made to respond to quick questions requiring information, like "Who sings Bohemian Rhapsody? "and "How is the weather in San Diego? However, they have also begun to analyze more specific queries, such as "What coffee shops are open nearby? ", "Do they have chai lattes? "etc." 

As a response, businesses are altering how they frame information, and creators choose simpler Q&A answer forms to respond to readers' inquiries based on their intent. In this approach, customers using voice search will receive more detailed, accurate results.

Discussion-Based Advertising

Conversational marketing engages visitors while they are on your website using customized messaging and AI automation rather than sending them to lead capture forms and waiting for a response. 

Intelligent chatbots with machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) are used in this digital marketing trends to enable two-way communication between customers and brands. However, as conversational marketing expands in 2023, the transition from asynchronous to real-time communications creates a significant learning curve.

Interactive Media

In the last ten years, if you've used the internet, you've encountered interactive material without recognizing it. The era of static content and passive consumption is over; today's audience prefers attention-demanding material. So marketers create interactive, two-way experiences that motivate their target audience to connect actively with information. It includes quizzes, games, interactive maps, and interactive videos.


As you can see, 2023 marketing trends go beyond simply understanding what your target market wants. 

Today's marketplace is one in which every company competes, and marketers must continually adapt their ideas and techniques to stay one step ahead. Likewise, you must remain adaptable, creative, and data-driven to flourish in 2023 when Google releases new algorithms, new technologies appear, and the world may enter a recession.

You must emphasize developing a thorough grasp of your audience at the center of your marketing plan. This entails utilizing all the resources to build highly customized consumer experiences. You'll have a trouble-free journey next year if you remain committed to prioritizing your audience and using data to inform your choices.

You can stay on top of the 2023 marketing trends with the help of KLB Solutions team of professionals. Power Through Marketing Trends now! Appointment scheduling is now open.

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