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7 Best Cleaning Services Websites in 2022

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While you may be a specialist in cleaning services, website design is not likely to be your area of expertise. Even though you might need clarification about where to start, you may recognize the requirement to produce something distinctive.

A well-designed website can help your business get attention, draw in clients, produce more leads, and even attract applicants.  Automation can be implemented once people fill out forms. These automatic procedures help to follow up, collect more information and even secure new contracts.

Here are 7 website designs for cleaning services that you should look at before you consider updating or creating your website. We hope you find inspiration in the list we came up with and take the best parts of each example to make it your own.

Top 7 Cleaning Services Websites

  1. Maid Simple
  2. The Cleaning Authority
  3. The Maids
  4. NY Housekeeping
  5. Molly Maid
  6. Spouses Cleaning Houses
  7. Maid Right

Maid Simple

Maid Simple is an outstanding cleaning service that specializes in office, kitchen, and bathroom cleaning for both commercial and residential properties. It's located in Columbus, Ohio.

The business is great at bringing new clients and has numerous call-to-action buttons set up all throughout its website that are clearly displayed. On their cleaning website, potential clients can request a free quote immediately, read reviews from previous customers, and discover more about the business. Users can complete the online service request form by selecting the "book a cleaning" tab.

The Cleaning Authority

The Cleaning Authority offers thorough house cleaning and sanitizing services to a wide range of devoted customers in the US and Canada.

The business does a fantastic job of maintaining a consistent brand on the internet. Visitors can quickly interact with the industry thanks to a sticky chat box at the bottom. Even though there is a lot of information provided, the CTA button is prominent. The business describes its rotational detail-cleaning technique and the several cleaning services it offers. The company's history and the reasons why customer satisfaction is guaranteed may be found.

The Maids

Exclusive partner of "Mr. Clean" and reliable maid service for a clean home that you can enjoy.

The website is visually pleasing. Potential customers can utilize the search feature to see if their area is on the list of places where they can get immediate service. Calling the number provided will allow visitors to learn more about the company's cleaning process and request a free estimate. By scrolling down the website, they can read client testimonials and view an embedded instructional video.

NY Housekeeping

Among the top New York City maid services, NY Housekeeping focuses on providing inexpensive services for families. Courteous to client service and secure green cleaning.

The website for NY Housekeeping is attractively made. As soon as they arrive on the main page, visitors can request a free estimate by providing their information. They have a chat facility and clearly display their contact information on the website. They include a detailed description and breakdown of their cleaning services.

Molly Maid

The company has been a locally owned cleaning business since 1994 in Oakland and has been offering house cleaning to nearby neighborhoods. They have provided homeowners with more free time and peace of mind for more than 20 years through their top-notch maid services.

Molly Maid is one of the greatest cleaning websites that do a terrific job with consistent branding.

Visitors to the website can obtain information on services in their neighborhood as well as a phone number to call for more information. As they scroll down, potential customers will discover a selection of services as well as information about the organization. They also display their cleaning procedure and pricing structure on their website.

Spouses Cleaning Houses

Spouses Cleaning Houses created sanitary, healthful environments in homes and workplaces around the Annapolis region for more than 25 years in cleaning service.

Spouses Cleaning Houses maintains a cohesive brand identity between its logo and website. With a CTA button in the center of the webpage, the company emphasizes that it is a veteran-owned company. At the top, there is a navigation bar as well. You may find the company's history, credentials, and booking information by scrolling down. They also have a social networking page, which can be accessed at the bottom of the page.

Maid Right

Maid Right is pleased to provide home and commercial cleaning services that prioritize meeting your demands.

The website is designed with professionalism in mind. The organization is confident that it is the best choice for this service, as evidenced by its aggressive style. The company's phone number is prominently displayed, and the navigation bar is at the top. By entering their ZIP code in the search field, users can see whether their neighborhood is covered. 

To view the company's history, keep scrolling below. Below are listed the services and the justifications for choosing Maid Right for the job.


Running a successful Cleaning Service company could seem tricky. We've discussed and researched the key components of a website, now it's time to get to work. You could be looking for a website builder. We at KLB Solutions will make the design vision you have for your website a reality.

We believe you already have a concept for something you wish to materialize. Additionally, you are adept at creating websites for the cleaning services that your company offers on demand. Although we recognize that creating the most spectacular application is difficult, we must nevertheless follow the correct methods. When you are ready, please give us a call to receive your free quote.

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