6 Easy Social Media Advertising Ideas to Increase Customers

6 Easy Social Media Advertising Ideas to Increase Customers

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Creative Ideas connect and influence engagement from people. Whether you are initiating activities for work, planning a surprise party for a friend, or for your business to grow, creative ideas are what help you achieve it. 

6 Easy Social Media Advertising Ideas to Increase Customers

The digital age has helped us expand our creative minds. On social media platforms alone, we can see many shared, copied, and modified ideas, depending on the follower's feedback and interests. Despite this, followers and potential customers will always look for something new, popular and relatable. If you are a business owner, this may be stressful for you since running out of creative ideas should be a non-negotiable for your business. 

But don’t worry! We will dish out 6 ideas that you can utilize through your social media platforms to boost your customer engagement and even increase your following!

Participate in Hashtag Themes

As business owners, your goal is to increase engagement from existing and potential customers. Step one in doing that is to participate in the community’s hashtag trends to increase social media following. Participating in community trends means posting regularly and sharing the interest of a loyal audience of the Hashtag. This gives the audience an impression that you and your business are something they can relate their interest with. 

Use social media “Story” Feature

Social media stories are like a diary with only 24 hours lifeline. The story feature is a simple day-to-day documentary that users share with their followers. It is very popular on Instagram and Facebook where users can add pictures, videos, texts, or other special effects. ‘Stories’ allow users to be spontaneous and creative in their content without worrying to be flawlessly perfect in their grammar and word technicalities. The idea is to be transparent and unpolished to your followers. 

Pin Images to Your Web Pages

This is an easy way to share to your social media visitors your strongest assets. It could be templates, infographics, testimonials, or achievements. By pinning your strongest asset, it makes the audience believe that you walk the talk of your business. You can also post your visual assets on other social media platforms and simply link them to your pages to create search traffic.

Use Urban Marketing Ideas

Working in front of your laptop can give you access to ideas online but some ideas only spark when you go out and see the world you want to market. Step out on the streets, and see what’s in the concrete jungle you can take photos to promote your business. Be a little imaginative. Use realistic scenarios and views where you can use urban surroundings for potential marketing magic.

Contest Ideas

Contests ignite curiosity and drive followers to showcase their creativity and talents. It is popular for a good reason. When you plan to have a contest, it should be relatively easy to enter with only simple instructions for your followers to take. Instruction example could be requiring them to follow your page, then to comment or tag 3-5 friends and mention their reason why they should win. In this way, followers and new potential clients will engage in your business and will lead to potential sales. 

Use Visual Storytelling in your Content Marketing 

The best way to hook your audience is to write for them. There are many ways to engage stories to your clients but the most effective way is using visual mediums. They can be creative extras like infographics, photos, and videos that summarize your content/ advertising in one look. Very effective if you use High-quality photos and videos.

Having high-quality visuals will make your business/brand look professional and serious about what you offer to the market. On the hand, low-quality visuals will make your content look like amateur and unprofessional. If you are on a tight budget to invest in good quality visuals, you can actually make your own at Canva–  a user-friendly app that gives all your visual ideas to reality.


Social Media is the best platform to boost your business’ products and services. Marketing in social media should never be complicated and these 6 simple ways should help you maximize your social media marketing without spending more on additional advertising resources. This strategy works pretty well because it is marketing that doesn’t look like marketing but is a good way to generate interest from your target audience. 

 Creating ideas that sustain the curiosity and interest of your clients is a crucial job. If you feel that doing all these things overwhelms you, you can opt to outsource a team that will do and adds creative ideas to market your business. 

Here at KLB Solutions, we help you produce creative contents that will turn your business productivity and sales. We offer services like content marketing with a team of experts that is proven to deliver results. 

Schedule a free quote at: www.klbsolutionsllc.com

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