Digital Marketing Strategies For Business

6 Digital Marketing Strategies For Business

December 5, 2020CategoriesTags

We are in a digital age. Our customers and competitors are easier to reach than ever before. Here are 6 digital marketing strategies to increase your business exposure. Let's jump right in.

Digital Marketing Strategies For Business

Know Your Customer

Every business has a specific niche of clientele. It's our job as business owner to put ourselves in their shoes to identify the process a client goes through when looking for your specific product or service. Demographics are key to a successful digital marketing plan. Here are some key points to consider

  • Location
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Married / Single
  • Common Interests

Another key to digital marketing success is defining what platform your customers are using when searching for your services. I will use two examples. If you are in an emergency service industry, say plumbing repair, it's likely that your clients will be searching on google for immediate solutions when their pipes are leaking rather than browsing facebook. On the flip side of that coin, for non-emergencies, facebook, instagram, youtube, and other social media platforms can yield very good results. If you diligently study the metrics and keep up with a / b split tests.

Provide Value To The Client

This seems like a no brainer. This important an aspect in marketing your brand. Clients want information and to feel that their needs are being met. Taking the time to produce value for your client will always pay off ten fold. A great example can be blogging. You are reading this aren't you? Here are some digital marketing ideas for providing value to your clients.

  • Create content for your clients
  • Reduce risk or stress
  • Simplify business process
  • Create additional income streams
  • Provide Organization
  • Help to set and meet goals
  • Be Personal

Providing value is more than just giving them a service or product. It's taking them on a journey where you offer the tools and help to make them feel comfortable in their decision use your company to fulfill their need.

Targeted Advertisement Can Be Cost Effective If Done Right

A good plan will lay a foundation to success. Once you have mapped out your clients demographics and interests. You are ready to setup a cold audience marketing campaign. Cold audiences are the first line of creating awareness to your brand. With careful observation, analytics, and reporting, we will be able to create an action plan to guide future ad campaigns.

A note here is to be ever diligent. It's essential not to become complacent when running ads. Constant reporting, split testing, and analysis is the key to digital marketing success. Adjusting campaigns, ad copy, and budgets to ever maximize the results of your marketing dollar.

Use Reports And Metrics To Guide Action Plans

Advertising alone is not enough. Without clear reports and metrics, we fall into the trap of wasting our money. Successful advertising is not emotional, it's quantifiable.

Only through clear reporting can we analyze the data to determine what goals are being met, and where adjustments should be focused. Analytics will also give us insight to demographics that we may have overlooked in our initial client research.

The rule of thumb is, don't advertise until you have metrics to track your traffic in place. Here are the very basics to start with before running your first ad.

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Any other sales metrics and data.

Focus On SEO As A Long Term Strategy

Focusing on SEO as a long term strategy is not only free, it's also very effective for the future success of your brand. Search Engine Optimization takes times. It's a slow drip strategy. Build one article every week into the future.

You won't see amazing results and traffic from each article right away. However, over time, you will see that your quality content articles begin to bring in more and more traffic organically.

Organic is a key phrase here. That means at no extra costs. It takes a few months after an article being written, published, and promoted on social media platforms before it starts to bring in traffic. Each article may bring in several dozen to hundreds or new eyes a month. Multiply that by all of the articles that you have written, now you have created a base for organic traffic.

Leverage Social Media

I'm torn on social media. From a personal aspect, I think its invasive and has to be use with great care. From a business standpoint, I love it. So much data in once place. The ability to connect with millions of people. And huge communities of outreach to grow any industry.

Leveraging social media platforms can be as simple as connecting all of your social media to a webpage and cross promoting all of your content. Wrote a new article, post it on social media platforms to drive traffic and interests to your website.

Here are some initial digital marketing ideas on how to use your social media platforms

  • Promote new content
  • Product and service promotions
  • Customer sppreciation
  • Show that your business has a pulse
  • Connect with clients
  • support your community

Digital Marketing Isn't Easy, It's Essential

Digital marketing takes hard work and dedication. This is my most who have tried it for themselves have failed. It's not rocket science, but it does take ongoing effort to maximize your marketing budget.

Lucky for business owners, there are countless marketing agencies out there. They key is to find one who understands your needs, challenges, and those of the clients that you interact with.

Get motivated and build your brand today.

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