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5 Ways to Get More Sales in Local Marketing

December 5, 2022CategoriesTags

Pretty sure that as an entrepreneur, you are well familiar with marketing strategies like SEO, Social Media and content marketing, etc.  

But if your business primarily targets a local audience, how do these strategies help your business grow? Local marketing can be a suitable answer. It is about enhancing your reach to a particular area and attracting customers to visit your store.

Let's see how Local Marketing helps you get more sales!

Use Google My Business to increase local search visibility.

An estimated 90% of consumers go online to find local businesses. Chances for this significant percentage is with the use of Google My Business– a Google platform that allows local business to manage their online presence across searches for local marketing.

Optimizing your profile and creating landing pages can boost your business's visibility in the local search rankings on Google. And getting noticed on Google means getting more focused visitors, which leads to more sales.

Build Positive Customer Feedback

Clients will always read customer feedback or review sections to build trust with a business. Conversely, a firm with primarily negative reviews draws potential customers away from your company.

Customer feedback works because it is a type of social proof—a psychological phenomenon in which, as customers, we use others' purchase experiences to guide our purchasing decisions.

Seeing a company with a compelling number of positive reviews can influence customers buying decisions. To get feedback, request evaluations from your customers, utilize in-store signage to encourage visitors to offer their ideas, and use social media to enable them to post remarks.

Level up your marketing with Video Content

When shopping online, customers cannot physically examine a product or service. To resolve this, an effective way to demonstrate your business products and services is through video content.

Consider developing and adding videos to your pages if you have a wide variety of products or services. However, keep them brief and on point. Another advantage of adding videos to your local marketing approach is that you can submit them to venues such as YouTube and reach a far larger audience.

Localize your Social Media Marketing

If you think Google My Business is the key to Local Marketing, think again. It's not the only channel that all consumers go to. Social Media is also efficient in increasing Business presence and driving traffic to your website. 

One proven and efficient communication method with local consumers is through social media. However, how can you go local on global networks such as Facebook and Instagram? Here are eight suggestions:

  • Tag local areas in your posts
  • Set a location in your profile
  • Use local Hashtags
  • Share local event participation
  • Host contests for your local and target audience
  • Share content and products from local entrepreneurs

In using social media to promote your business, ensure you don't create a profile that is too promotional as it can be off-putting to customers. Instead, try to have a balance of engaging content and relevant content for your audience.

Use Local Targeted Ads

Including local digital advertisements in your marketing plan allows you to reach an audience you would not have reached otherwise. In addition, the capacity to target particular local audiences gives internet advertisements their strength.

You can opt for paid advertisements like search engine marketing (SEM) that use specific terms and choose a targeted audience for your ads to help your business show up on top of local searches.

Pay-Per-Click is also an excellent option to give your business more targeted exposure, which leads to more website visitors. For example, local search advertising might include your company's location, directions, hours of operation, and contact information.


Local marketing is becoming more popular as more people look for goods and services nearby.

To guarantee your local business is on the radar of customers in your region, use a combination of inbound and outbound marketing activities such as Local SEO, content marketing, and paid advertising.

We know that Marketing your business needs undivided attention. So let us take care of the work so you can return to working on your business goals! 
For your digital marketing needs, visit our page and book a free quote now.

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