5 Unique Social Media Contents That Hook Your Followers

September 23, 2022


Social Media is King when it comes to promoting your business. And most of these platforms use visuals to capture the audience's attention. As a result, there has been an evolution in effectively getting more social media followers hooked on your content.

It's about knowing what you need to do to capture your followers' attention and get them hooked to your gallery. Below are the 5 top unique social media ideas to get your followers hooked on your content:

Ask Questions in your Caption

Questions such as captions are an excellent way to get your followers engaged. Questions spark curiosity and make them want to read more, so they click that "see more" option and continue reading. As said, social media uses visuals, but visuals alone are not enough to completely get your followers engaged. It's best to be paired with captivating captions that get their curiosity active.

Another benefit of using questions in your caption is it helps trim down audiences that aren't into the kind of business you offer. Followers who continue reading your caption and reacting to it is a potential customer you can enlist in your lead generation process.

Create Educational Content

Educational content gives the audience information, new insights, and guidance that adds value to responding to their needs and concerns. Since this type of content provides value to your audience, it's not promotional on your part. But selling is not always about getting sales. It's also about giving and presenting yourself as reliable to your target audience.

When businesses provide value using their content, it's not only giving different quality to your content, but it helps your business establish its authority and create inspiring, loyal customers for your Brand. If you're too focused on selling products, you might be left behind by customers constantly looking for something new. No customers want to see old traditional content. But you have to remember: everyone loves information. 

Share the Reason for Your Brand

While it's true that having a great product and service creates a positive customer experience, these do not automatically win customers' loyalty. In most cases, customer loyalty is greatly influenced by a brand's ability to connect with them.

Sharing some of your "Why" as a brand can be an excellent strategy to get your customers to read your content. Creating content that explains your Brand allows customers to connect beyond consumer-level experience. It provides an emotional connection with the customers, enabling you to level up from just selling a product to sharing the brand story that goes with it. It's also helpful that you create a Brand that resonates with customers. 

Just a tip: create brand content consistent with the Brand's values and in tune with your customers' sentiments. After all, customers are looking for brands that connect with them on an emotional level. 

A Content that Shows Your Process Making

Transparency is becoming a social media trend nowadays. People are drawn to view contents that offer the audience a sneak peek of how businesses prepare for their orders and create their products and box them. If we go back to point 1, audiences are driven by curiosity. And one effective way to get their attention is to make content that shows how you create and prep your products. 

This type of content goes beyond giving transparency to your audience. Instead, it gives them a sense of security that you are handling your product well and gives legitimacy to your business brand. 

Highlight Your Customer Testimonials

There's no better way to nail your business authenticity than a customer testimonial of your products and services. These are fundamental ways to guide your followers to the sales funnel. Showcase how much your existing customers love your products or services and create an associated visual to add more vibe to the content. 

Make sure you follow up with your customers for product testimonials, ask for their confirmation to be included in your gallery of works, and incorporate it into your social marketing strategy and website.

Social Media content creation can be tricky and time-consuming. But as business owners, it's our big shot to get our business running and achieve its goals. So follow these five unique social media content ideas to get your business to stay ahead of the competition!

But if you are currently overwhelmed with your work and don't know where to start, we think it's high time for you to have a team! A team of social media specialists that can work wonders for your business needs!

KLB Solutions can help you with that! So schedule a Strategy call today, and let us handle the extensive work for you!

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