5 reasons you should not turn away from visual marketing

5 Reasons You Should Not Turn Away from Visual Marketing

September 21, 2022CategoriesTags

If there's one thing to describe online marketing, that is 'Attract.' Because attraction leads to curiosity, and curiosity can lead to sales. But interest can be interpreted in many ways, yet it affects audience interactions and decisions in the entirety of online marketing.

Visuals in the contents of marketing are not new. However, it has become more and more creative as digital marketing continues to evolve. Visual marketing effectively captivates the audience; it gives a message and provides a straightforward understanding of the words. 

Plenty of rich media uses compelling visual marketing that exponentially helps businesses improve their content. But how can you use visual marketing and improve your content for more audience reach?

Statistics of Using Visual Marketing

To better see the advantages picture of using Visual Marketing, here are a few statistics to prove the efficacy of visual content in your marketing strategy and business revenue:

  • New business owners who use graphic images and videos as part of their web content receive over 94% more views. 
  • Infographics have proven to increase audience engagement by 12 percent
  • Tweets with visuals have a 28-35 percent increase in views and retweets
  • Videos as part of visual marketing have no less than 100 million hours watched every day
  • And lastly, as a scientific explanation, people remember information more when presented with visuals rather than words.

With these statistics, we move forward to the importance and advantages of using Visuals in your marketing campaigns:

Science says: Humans Remember with Visuals. 

By nature, humans are visual creatures. It means we appreciate a thing when we see its uniqueness, beauty, and structure. It's not just the Shorter attention span concern in the digital age. Visuals are easier to digest and remember, making them more effective in learning.

With the widespread availability of these digital visuals, it should not be surprising that visual marketing has become vital to business success. Businesses are slowly transitioning content drama (audience preference) into better pictures, video quality, and more. We can expect that the visual marketing trend will stay too long.

More than just being visuals, It is also a connection!

With today's fast-paced lifestyles, it's more difficult to attract — and hold — the audience's attention. But the right visuals can create a more profound sense of connection. As marketers, we don't just focus on sales. We need to develop content that ensures people will read, watch and engage in the content we produce. And visuals help marketers accomplish this. 

When we say connections built on emotion and creative messaging that stimulate visuals are the backbones of marketing. Visuals not only allow brands to improve and clarify their messaging, but they also help brands unify their identities. In addition, it creates opportunities for a consistent message that leads to customer familiarity and brand loyalty.

Create more Organic Views

Users know the different ways to search. As marketers, you should consider factors that best deliver and display your message in terms of how the audience can see it. User search activities have become more personalized and dynamic, so their interaction also changes. With visual marketing, your content can stand a chance of being noticed and seen across multiple search engines, thus increasing organic views.

Visuals Drive More Leads

It's inarguable that visuals drive more engagement, and more engagement means more leads. Being consistent with your brand, as stated in point number 2, is also a critical component in your content strategy to get more information. It makes logical given that most visitors will see the page image(s) before anything else, including the product title, and will be switched on or off before deciding whether to stay, go, or buy/convert.

Visual Marketing is not Limited

All marketers face difficulty keeping content fresh without incurring too much recurring overhead (editing, shooting, color-correcting, etc.) - and without boring their audience by rehashing old ground. However, perhaps marketers are not new to repurposing content. 

With visual Marketing, there are many ways to repurpose your content for optimization and specific audiences and intent to make it possible to reach your target customers in all different stages of your sales funnel.

Don't be afraid of the changing data. Use its finding to create informative charts, an infographic, a video about it, a meme to catch the goofy side of your audience, or create a podcast! 

Repurposing your ideas to make them most relevant to your audience will help you get the most out of them.


Visuals can mean a big difference in how your target audience views or ignores your content. Therefore, ensure that you provide your audience with exciting material and visually appealing content that can endure the challenges of various platforms.

Need help in your Social Media Marketing?

Creating social media visuals takes time. And we know how time means a lot for business owners and entrepreneurs like you. So instead of squeezing your time to finish your pending tasks, why not let a team of experts handle your social media and content creation for you? 
Here at KLB Solutions, we stay true to providing digital solutions to your marketing needs! Contact us today!

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