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5 Marketing Strategies in Challenging Times

May 12, 2023CategoriesTags

Marketing can be challenging in difficult times. Most likely, you're seeking marketing strategies to reduce spending while attempting to increase sales and keep your current clientele. It may seem tough to overcome that. But it's not necessary to be. 

Take a step back if your immediate reaction is to cease marketing your company online. Yet, even during poor business growth, digital marketing strategies are crucial.

People still access the Internet but may buy less frequently during quiet times. The number of Internet users worldwide increased from 4.1 billion to 4.9 billion from 2019 to 2021, according to figures published by the United Nations, compared to the early stages of the COVID-19 epidemic, when people were confined to their homes. 

Your company's downturn is a rare chance for you to interact with the expanding online community, strengthen your online presence, and expand your market share. 

This blog offers some tips for maintaining a solid online presence regardless of whether you're marketing strategies during a recession, getting ready for a typical company slowdown, or experiencing a national crisis for the first time. 

5 Suggestions For Marketing Strategies In Difficult Times 

When individuals aren't thinking about money, everything boils down to relationships. So you want to use your downtime to establish a rapport with your audience, gain their trust, and grab their attention. 

The ultimate objective is for customers to select your company when they are ready to purchase. The good news is that you can achieve such outcomes without spending much money on paid advertising. 

1. Focus On Significant Initiatives With A Lasting Effect

You probably put off assignments that would A) take a lot of your time and attention or B) take a while to produce results when you're busy. That is entirely logical. Profit from the business apex and deal with the challenging, complex issues later. 

But keep in mind to finish those large projects during your business slump. Then, you'll allow your work time to make an impact, produce benefits for you, and have more time in your schedule to concentrate on something new. 

For instance, search engine optimization (SEO) can take months to provide noticeable benefits. Also, depending on your website's complexity, it could take a while to adjust. 

It could take months or more to redesign a website. It takes effort, even simply, to reorganize your website's navigation. An entire domino effect begins when you start to modify one link. 

You'll make your life easier when you can spend less time looking for resources and more time working on actual tasks. At first, organizing internal documents may appear inconsequential. 

These initiatives might only provide results after some time, but the work you put into them will eventually pay off. So you will be very appreciative in the future. 

2. Provide More Valuable Information 

Another thing to do is to produce educational content for your audience when marketing under challenging circumstances. But it all comes back to the trust issue I raised previously. 

According to a poll from 2021, 75% of marketers successfully established their authority and trust using content marketing strategies.

Additionally, remember your current clients. According to the same report, 60% of marketers successfully increased client loyalty by creating valuable content. 

If in doubt, put it in writing. I made that up. 


Create content that improves people's lives when marketing during a recession, during your offseason, or when business is typically slow. You should have some content for each stage of your audience's journey. 

Make a list of the information people want to know from when they interact with you until they open their wallets. Perhaps their credit card, or both. 

That entails responding to frequently asked questions, providing lessons, and clearly articulating complicated concepts to your audience. You can produce any materials users can refer to when they need additional knowledge, including articles, graphics, videos, instructions, etc. 

The best thing about content is that it is constantly available. It will stay on your website and continue to produce results unless you take it down even after you've changed the focus of your attention. 

They'll put their hard-earned money in your hands when the time comes for them to make a purchase. 

3. Continue To Collect First-Party Data 

First-party data is information that website visitors provide to you. For example, when someone contacts you, it's possible that they give you their name and email or that they tell you about their company when they download a guide. You might also utilize a program explaining the pages they visit or other crucial details. 

This data may improve every aspect of your digital marketing approach. Your ability to better understand your audience will enable you to deliver more individualized content across your channels. 

It reveals the most valuable pages on your website, assisting you in making adjustments and modifications over time. For example, you can send personalized emails or targeted advertisements using the list of users who have made one or more specified actions on your website. 

You will have access to this information as we advance, even if you advertise less while your business is slow. 

You can collect first-party data by requesting an email to access particular material, including contact forms on your website, promoting email subscriptions, and many other methods. Visit our website to get a basic understanding of first-party data. 

4. Make Your Website Search Engine-Friendly

With search engine optimization or SEO, you take several steps to increase the likelihood that the pages on your website will rank highly in search engines like Google. But, as I've already said, it may take some time before your SEO efforts bear fruit. 

A significant SEO job might also be complicated and take up much of your time. However, it is ideal for your business's quiet season. 

SEO should be used as part of a marketing plan all year long. However, a significant audit and renovation may put a lot on your plate. In addition, your competitors' websites evolve along with search engine algorithms. Therefore, your website will receive more traffic, leads, and money overall if you use SEO to stay on top of changes, improve user experience (UX), raise your online exposure, and generally stay ahead of the curve. 

When business is sluggish, SEO gives you a chance to update pages you never thought you'd have time to or make significant improvements that can give your site a substantial boost in search engine results. 

As an illustration, you can change the keyword targeting on a group of pages that aren't doing well. To help with page performance optimization, you can make specific changes to your website's backend. Focus on establishing connections with reliable publishers so that they link to your content. This acts as a vote of confidence and informs search engines that you are doing something right. 

Although they're not the only options, they're a great place to start for your SEO efforts. 

5. Interact With Your Viewers On Social Media 

More than 70% of consumers interacting positively with a brand on social media are inclined to tell their friends and family about that brand. 

What should one do, then, when business is slow? Engage in social media conversation. You don't need an account on every site that should be mentioned here—just those your target audience uses or you have the time to handle. 

You have a platform through social media to reuse the content you've worked so hard to produce. But even more importantly, it enables you to interact directly with customers. Starting discussions results in those devoted clients who always promote your brand. 

Take note of the feedback, reviews, and remarks you receive on your accounts. Respond to both positive and negative feedback to let others know you care. Even though it would be much simpler to type up a nasty response, remain kind and respectful to the detractors. 

You develop lasting relationships through your interactions on social media. 


You are not constrained to a particular recession marketing plan, and innovation will determine how you approach each. As they say, the sky's the limit. 

Contact KLB Solutions if you're interested in learning more about the many tactics you can employ when marketing in a downturn for your organization.

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