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5 Digital Marketing Strategies That Businesses Typically Overlook

May 25, 2023CategoriesTags

Your plan for navigating the digital marketing environment should adapt as the environment does. New apps, popular content types, and digital marketing strategies are released annually. It can be simple to overlook a potential goldmine of bringing new clients to your business in such a busy environment. We've distilled down the top five digital marketing tactics businesses frequently ignore in 2022 to make your life easier.


1. Use Quora To Get Traffic 

Quora, which has 300 million monthly users, can be a significant traffic source if appropriately used. You can rise to the top of the discussion and make your brand known to thousands of users by offering insightful responses to inquiries about your sector. 

One of the most popular forums on the internet for questions about anything is Quora, which was founded in 2009. Google frequently displays Quora answers as the first result. If a query goes viral and you thoughtfully respond, it may generate a ton of additional visitors and leads for your website. It is optional to spend a lot of time marketing on Quora. Frequently, quality responses can be made using older blog posts. 

Provide answers supported by research and sources to get the most out of Quora. Moreover, be succinct. A straightforward response to a question won't be found in eight paragraphs, so don't expect that. 

2. Put On Webinars 

The ability to engage with potential clients through webinars is strong. Even if blogging, short videos, and other material forms are excellent, they need to provide the live connection that a webinar does. While attendance caps and venue restrictions limit in-person seminars, there are only webinars for how well you market them. 

Your company's webinar topic can be anything related to your industry. Consider what topics will elicit the most interest and where you can provide viewers with a wealth of helpful information. There are several methods for conducting webinars; if you record them, you can post them later as popular content you can utilize. Consider hosting a live-only broadcast to raise interest and encourage more people to attend. 

Whatever the approach, a good webinar is an underappreciated digital marketing tool. People will swarm to your company if you go into the webinar with a strategy, advertise it effectively, and offer a top-notch experience. 

3. Participate By Using Polls, Surveys And Games 

In 2022, social media engagement will move beyond remarks and likes. Using polls, surveys, and quizzes is a quick, efficient technique to encourage more involvement with your followers. Receiving feedback on recent events stimulates prompt responses and involvement, which can result in a conversion, regardless of your sector. 

Polls are a crucial component of Instagram, Twitter, and other well-known digital marketing platforms because they encourage direct engagement while also letting you gather valuable data about your following. You may publish a poll asking followers which of your recent posts they liked the most. They become involved and provide insightful feedback to your firm as a result. 

Polls can be used for more than just data collection. A prediction poll on a forthcoming event in your sector, a daily knowledge quiz, or a prize raffle for those who consistently answer questions correctly are just a few of the many options available. It needs to be more utilized, but polls, surveys, and quizzes will help your business use social media to its fullest potential. 

4. Reuse Digital Marketing Material 

By reusing content, you can increase visitors while working less. Too frequently, marketers refrain from publishing content on a single platform and abandoning it there. What if you used the content from your popular video and included it in a blog post? How about creating an infographic using your most popular blog post? Once the hard work is done, material may be repurposed successfully in various ways, ensuring that you reach audiences with multiple consumer preferences. 

Establish a pattern for combing your material, identifying the sections that receive the most significant engagement, and then repurposing them. This goes beyond merely altering the media's format. It can also entail revising that popular listicle from 2019 for 2022 to improve its performance. Repurposing material regularly will extend its shelf life and increase traffic to your website once it has been published. 

5. Publish Infographics 

Visuals effectively engage consumers. A lengthy blog article or a 30-minute movie is typically not the ideal approach to quickly establish strong connections in an environment with lots of distractions, so infographics should be a key component of your business’s content digital marketing plan. 

Because the human brain processes images 60,000 times quicker than words, a good infographic may capture the attention of many potential clients who might otherwise continue to scroll. It doesn't have to be complicated; you can use Canva or Adobe Illustrator to create straightforward, practical designs that help you convey your message. 

Most of your written content can be condensed to its essential ideas and transformed into an infographic. Given that 32% of marketers believe that pictures are the most critical content, this type of potential to attract clients should no longer be disregarded. 

Key Conclusions 

It is simple to overlook a digital marketing tactic that could significantly increase traffic to your business. There are numerous underutilized ways to enhance your digital marketing approach, and these five are a wonderful place to start. These include the reuse of content and taking into account different sorts of engagement. 

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