Engagement hacks to gain Instagram traction.

45-minute Engagement Hacks to Gain Instagram Traction

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Running a business can often feel that you don’t have enough time to engagement in your Instagram accounts to gain more traction. It’s one of the key things that most entrepreneurs struggle with. As business owners, you need to be engaging with your followers. And that’s not just a rule for cats anymore, it’s also important for businesses to engage quickly.

So, why not discuss 45-minute engagement hacks you can do with your Instagram followers to gain more traction?

The importance of Engagement

Before diving into our hacks, let’s discuss the importance of engaging in Instagram. 

Instagram is, technically a platform where businesses need to engage with their clients in order to get organic traffic. And how do you get people to like and follow your account? You engage with intent! Your main goal in doing so is not only to engage but to engage with an intent to build connections with your prospective customer and to create an online community. It can be tempting to simply post, but as you assess your social media activities, later on, you may get frustrated seeing you’re not gaining positive engagements back.

Having an engagement plan is a good way to start if your goal is to get noticed by your target audience. Well, you might ask how much time you will dedicate to the engagement. We would suggest spending at least 30-45 minutes – with a structure of 15 minutes before and after your post. 

Getting your engagement plan at work will help you get Instagram traction, but of course results don’t happen overnight. In implementing your plan, you need to at least give it a week to see improvements in your engagement and reach.

45-minute Engagement Hacks to Gain Instagram Traction

So how can you effectively engage with your Instagram clients in 45-minutes? Breakdown your minutes into these 6 timelined activities:

  • 5 minutes for replying to your post comments
  • 10 minutes engaging with Big accounts following and followers
  • 10 minutes engaging with small accounts following and followers
  • 10 minutes engaging through hashtag communities
  • 5  minutes answering Direct Messages
  • 5 minutes of reacting and engaging to IG stories.

Brace yourself because that’s not more, to successfully implement this hack, you need to have a good strategy for doing it. Here’s our list to help you nail your engagement!

Your Business Niche

Before reaching to your customers, you need to identify first what your niche is about. A business without a niche will make it harder for you to strategize your marketing which affects all other areas of your business operations including your engagement plans. 

So always start with identifying your business niche before working and implementing your engagement plan.

Identify Potential Influencers within Your Niche

After identifying your niche, your next step will be to identify potential influencers within your niche. Partnering with influencers is a strategy to increase your organic following and be discovered by your target audiences. List at least 5-10 influencer accounts you will engage with and identify each strength and credibility. It’s important that before collaborating, your influencer not only have big following but is also credible and has higher reliability from his/her audience.

Influencers are a good source of information for other customers that’s why it's crucial when choosing an influencer.

Choose the Right Time to Post

Timing is everything. There are many ways to build Instagram engagement and clearly, posting on the right time when most of your audience is active is one step away from success. Instagram’s Algorithm consistently generates engagements and moves them in a short period of time. Observe this algorithm and assess when can be the right time to post. To help you get ideas on the right timing, you can look over Instagram accounts with huge followings and higher engagements on their posting activities. 

Choose A Feed Theme

Your Instagram theme is a big factor in making Instagram post more appealing. And it’s proven to significantly increase traction when you are being consistent with your theme. Themes can be simple 2-3 toned chrome or as colorful as you like it. Just remember, to choose a topic that is relevant to the business. Also, customers’ first impression dictates how they will interact with your Instagram posts in the future. So, make sure you build your Instagram feed as professional and appealing as much as possible. 

Using Hashtags

With the right hashtags, you can expose your brand to a wider and more targeted audience. Hashtags is the first algorithm by Instagram that helps marketers assess the degree of reach of a certain post. And as of the present, it is still one of the best indicators for social media auditing. Users simply do not stop using hashtags. 

As it sustained its popularity, it has become one of the best ways to help businesses gain Instagram traction.

Final Thoughts

Any businesses need engagement to increase its brand discoverability. And the best and most organic way to increase your visibility is to actively engage with your Instagram audience. Remember, engaging is more than just being responsive. It’s about building connections and community with your audience. And by following our 45-minute engagement hacks, we’re sure it can save you a whole lot of work time and gain more Instagram traction for your business growth.

Combined with consistency, you will surely see actionable and positive results in your Instagram activities. As we end this article, we’d love to know your thoughts about it! Or do you need help with social media strategy? We might help you with it and make your social media get more followers!

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