4 Ways to Promote Your Wellness Brand with Better Content

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The $1.5 trillion wellness market is growing and is expected to continue. This is excellent news for businesses like yours since it indicates that customers are interested in your offer. It also poses a significant challenge: stand out in a crowded market. 

As a result of the fact that our world is content-driven, content is one of the finest methods to stand out. However, not all content is made equally. Stop right here if you're writing blog articles, social media updates, or email blasts, only to tick a box. 

Put these techniques and suggestions to use to become more deliberate. Then start producing wellness content that genuinely differentiates itself on each platform where you are present.


1. Optimize Your Wellness Blog Right Away

You're passing up a sizable chance if you're writing wellness blog posts without considering search engine optimization (SEO). Your customers are active on Google and other search platforms, so getting in front of them early can help you stand out to your potential clients and customers. 

Your content can only stand out to these potential buyers if you optimize your website content (landing pages and blog articles) for search because you need to rank higher to be seen honestly. By putting a few essential SEO best practices into effect, you may get your content to rank for the search terms that you know your target consumers use, such as: 

  • Use keywords with a high search volume but little competition as the foundation of your article. 
  • Be sure your keyword appears throughout the material, including the title, the meta description, the alt tag of the feature image, and the blog post. 
  • Include in the content only reliable, pertinent external links. 
  • Include a link to pertinent stuff on your website. 

App store SEO is an excellent place to start if you sell products dependent on apps, but web SEO should be considered.

2. Focus On Your Specialized Wellness Content For Social Media 

While speaking to your target audience in every piece of content is crucial, social media is where this is most crucial because many wellness brands discuss related issues, you can stand out by producing content tailored to your specific audience. For instance, if the work-life balance is a priority for you, the following questions can help you create better content: 

  • Why is the importance of work-life balance to our audience? 
  • What aspect of work-life balance does our audience struggle with the most? 
  • What kind of material would our target audience want to read? 

We may think about two businesses offering quite different material on this topic using the example of work-life balance. 

  • Brand A: A range of skin care products targeted towards single, middle-aged males likely advancing in their jobs. 

Content: A TikTok video gives five strategies for keeping your life balanced while developing your career. 

  • Brand B: A meditation app for working women who have just had children. 

Content: A 30-second Reel for new mothers to practice meditation in the car on their way home from work. 

Both companies emphasize work-life balance and can offer general advice on the subject. However, if they narrow in on the particular requirements of their audience, their content will soar. 

3. Email content: Give Generously And Then Some More

The promotions folder in everyone's Gmail is overflowing with emails hawking various products. Not be another company that emails customers for sales. While selling to your subscribers is vital, giving to them is equally important—and then some. 

If all you do is sell, you risk losing your audience, which could lead to them entirely ceasing to open your emails. They'll want to read the email knowing there's frequently something beneficial or intriguing for them if you consistently offer value. 

The good news is that you can add a lot of value by offering educational content as a wellness brand. Get crystal clear on what your subscribers need and want before creating this. Even conduct a poll of them. Then develop a strategy for your email campaigns that combine value-based and sales emails. 

4. Increase The Stakes With Guests On The Wellness Podcast 

Focusing on your guests is a straightforward and effective strategy to make your wellness podcast stand out. How can you step it up to make your episodes more engaging and instructive while giving your listeners fresh, value-packed content? Here are some concepts to consider: 

  • Utilize your download statistics to attract well-known guests who will entice listeners to tune in. 
  • Call on your audience. Who exactly do they want you to speak with? They want to hear from whom? 
  • Take a niche. Look for specialists who offer a fresh perspective on a subject based on their experience, study, or professional practice. 

Keep your audience and their needs at the forefront of your mind as you diversify your guest list.

A superb guest is just one who can contribute wellness knowledge that your listeners are genuinely interested in.  Get the timing right. 

No matter how good your video is, if your audience doesn't have time to view it because they are busy, they won't. The timing of your videos is, therefore, crucial whether they are for your wellness website, YouTube, or native channels. This entails making thoughtful decisions about your CTA's placement, video length, and other factors. 

Here are some data-driven recommendations for producing quality video content. 

  • Keep it brief and sweet: Pay attention to length if you want viewers to watch your entire video. According to Vidyard research from 2022, if a video is under 60 seconds in duration, 62% of viewers will watch it through to the end. 26% of people finish watching videos that are longer than 20 minutes. 
  • Pay attention to your brand: People want to watch videos about you. Wyzowl found that 73% of consumers surveyed said they prefer to learn about a brand or product via a short video, compared to 11% who would choose through text and 4% through infographics. 
  • Bring your central CTA to the front to encourage your audience to take action. The first 10% of the run-time is when engagement rises, according to the same Vidyard research. With your most appealing content, make the most of that window. 

You can provide a lot of value to your audience as a wellness brand in just 60 seconds. With some planning (such as what you discuss and where you place your CTA if you have one), you can ensure that people watch your video content and develop trust and a connection as they do. 

Final Reflections 

Content has always been the king of marketing, but with so many companies producing it now, the question is how to stand out. No matter what channels you're on, use these tactics and suggestions to advance your marketing. When you get it right, you'll establish a bond with your audience that encourages purchases of your goods or services, and as a result, you'll see the expansion of your company.

Contact KLB Solutions LLC's specialists to learn more about differentiating your company in the marketplace.

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