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4 Ways to Promote Your Hotel Online to Get More Bookings

May 24, 2023CategoriesTags

Your hotel may meet marketing goals and boost reservations by implementing a solid digital marketing plan. It may help your hotel stand out from the competition and give you the information you need to decide how best to reach audiences through various digital media. Additionally, it might help you broaden your audience and better understand their interests. 

It can advance and further accomplish its marketing objectives by choosing the appropriate digital marketing plan. However, choosing which tactics you should prioritize can be challenging. So we've put together a list of 4 marketing methods you may use to boost reservations because digital marketing constantly evolves.

1. Make a Standalone Website

Even though many hotels are affiliated with more prominent brands like Marriott or Hilton, some permit to maintain their websites independently of a corporation's website. Independent websites can be essential for reserving rooms because they can direct visitors and promote direct reservations. Independent websites can use a keyword strategy that is distinct from or more focused than the hotel website of a corporation. 

Websites run by hotel chains frequently compete with other hotels using the same domain on search engines. It can result in field crowding on the first page of Google for city-based hotels with many hotels under the same brand. Since search engines limit the number of links from the same domain that can appear on the first page, it is harder to find your specific hotel because other are owned by the same organization may occur when using a search engine. 

An independent website focused on luxury design can be tailored and eye-catching, providing lovely images and videos and allowing visitors to see what it's like to stay there. 

2. Pay Attention to Social Media Marketing

Particularly if you have not received bookings from it in the past, it's simple to let social media marketing fall by the wayside as a priority. Instead, social media marketing should be a top priority since it can drive traffic to your website, increase bookings, and serve as a forum for customer service. Additionally, there are approximately 4.74 billion social media users worldwide, and in 2025, this figure is expected to rise even further. 

You may develop a social media strategy in several ways, such as using specific social media sites, monitoring analytics, learning about your target market, and investigating the social media pages of your rivals. Hotels can discuss exciting things to do nearby, highlight distinctive amenities, and write about special offers for accommodation packages. Be bold and creative with your material on social media, which gives an excellent opportunity to do so. 

3. Up-to-date Listings Online

Online listings for hotels are frequently out of the current. Online listings are crucial because they improve bookings and your hotel's online visibility, making it easier for travelers to find you. Online listings can also boost local visibility and brand awareness in addition to these advantages. It may be listed on numerous websites, including Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook, and TripAdvisor. You may do several things to update a hotel's internet listings. 

You should check how your listings appear first. Make careful you upload more recent photographs in their place if older ones are being used. Verify again that all of the details on the postings are accurate. Try the website to ensure you can successfully book rooms through the listing. 

Last but not least, check to see whether your hotel is responding to feedback from visitors since many listings provide a space for them to do so. 

4. Adapt Your Website to Mobile Devices

Mobile friendliness is crucial for hotels with standalone websites. According to statistics, 57% of customers claimed they wouldn't suggest a business with a mobile website that needs to be better developed. The speed, layout, and other standard SEO techniques of a website are all part of mobile optimization. Make sure your hotel's website is mobile-friendly by reviewing its design. Remember that if a mobile website's content or appearance is useless, over half of the consumers will abandon it. 


Now that you know these helpful marketing techniques, it is time to develop a strategy for your establishment. Discuss how to utilize these methods with your team or marketing firm effectively. Which approach would be most effective for your hotel? Consider what makes it distinctive, then select the process that will best convey this and help you reach your marketing goals. These effective internet marketing techniques can assist in advancing and strengthening your hotel's brand. 

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