Website improvement ideas to enhance stagnated website

3 Website Improvement Ideas to Enhance Stagnated Website (Content and SEO)

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Launching a website is not easy. The preparation alone requires resources and is time-consuming.

However, with proper planning and enough time frame, launching a successful website is always possible.

But, there is one thing you should be sure about yourself - having determination and consistency.

These two are vital because you need to update and check it consistently or for a website to be functioning in the long run.

Otherwise, you cannot see results or changes with your ranking, audience, and website traffic.

For sure, it will harm your visibility and the site’s performance. So it is ideal that you know the reasons behind it and what you can do.

Let’s dissect this one by one.

Website improvement ideas to enhance stagnated website

Common Reasons Why Your Website Suddenly Stops Performing

To be honest, there are no definite reasons that can pinpoint the leading cause of the problem.

But you can improve and fix the following common issues that cause your website’s poor performance.

Inconsistent Website Content

When it comes to content, we know that website content is not only about pictures and videos.

After launching your site, the usual content you must continuously produce regularly is written articles such as blogs.

However, it can go out of your control, especially if you do not have time to write or do not have someone to write for you.

So, how to improve website content?

In this case, a recommended approach is to do content curation.

Curation means trying to reuse whatever available information you can find online. This is not copy-pasting other’s work; it is more on getting chunks of the existing content and putting it into a new one - rephrased, edited, and entirely written in a different approach.

This will still take time, so it is best to have a regular writer do this stuff or make your writing skills.

Being consistent does not mean publishing an article every day.

Instead, it is more on being committed to your scheduled date, regardless of the frequency.

Even if you manage to post one article a week regularly, do not worry! What is more important is following that schedule.

Changes in Website’s Technicalities

Now, based on a more technical perspective, here is a list of possible causes that may cause your site to have lower monthly visits or a drastic drop in organic traffic.

Algorithm updates

Google is continuously changing its algorithm.

There is no hiding that fact. This is one reason why digital marketers, especially SEO specialists, go crazy almost every year trying to figure out ways to minimize the impact of algorithm updates.

Well, the result can be both boon and bane.

So, if you rank better after an update, then congratulations!

Otherwise, you need to work hard to fix or minimize the update’s effect on your site.

There is no specific way to anticipate its effect, but you can always assess if your site is high to be impacted by an algorithm update.

Are you wondering how? Well, it pays to do your research and keep an eye on Google’s constant announcements. Indeed, Google never said anything about how the algorithm works, but they are proactive in announcing upcoming changes that can impact websites.

SERP layout changes

Any recent change in the way Google and other search engines display organic results can impact your traffic levels.

For example, in particular, Google has made several changes in search results display throughout the years.

Among these are Featured Snippets, Knowledge Graphs, and making ads more prominent, which gives SEO specialists a hard time.

Robots.txt rules

Sometimes, your site itself is blocking the search engines from crawling your robot.txt file.

This problem is likely to happen after a website migration or staging but is, most of the time, unintentional.

To fix this, go to your site’s robots.txt file and make sure you remove the Disallow rule.

Then, you need to resubmit your robots.txt file through Google Search Console.

Aside from these, other possible reasons that will likely contribute to a stagnated website are the following:

Ranking losses
XML sitemap changes
Manual penalties
Keyword Cannibalization

3 Tips on Fixing a Stagnated Website

So, how can you improve your stagnated website? Here are three expert website improvement ideas to try.

Website Improvements on an outdated website

If you know your site is already out of the conventional, then you should step up the game.

And how can you do it?

The first step is to identify where the problem is coming from by checking your site’s statistics via Google Analytics.

Then, apply some of the best practices in digital marketing, such as:

Adding a CMS

If you are unfamiliar with a content management system (CMS), just think of it as a content library.

CMS will make content management a lot easier than relying only on your website developer.

At times, you need to do the work yourself.

You should be able to add information to your site through an easy to use CMS like WordPress. With this, you can easily set up the place to be more accessible if updates are necessary.

Making it mobile-friendly

In this digital age, everyone is indeed using mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

However, not all websites have adapted to this making them not mobile-friendly.

Your site’s mobile-friendliness is a crucial factor in ranking, so you should not ignore it. Otherwise, users will not be able to enjoy the content you are offering.

Fixing the website’s speed

Many are asking about what the ideal page load time is.

As per Google, the recommended page load time is under two seconds maximum of three. Otherwise, the site is not that well-optimized.

Leverage the use of social media

Again, social media is powerful.

Let your website gain attention again by backing it up with a set of useful social media accounts and create a well-planned link building strategy.

Doing this can help you raise your traffic again and slowly get back on track.

Create new content and link building

Always and forever, content is the king.

You need to ensure you have enough evergreen content to put on your site if you want to rank well.

Again, it should be regularly because frequency also matters. Being consistent will make you more authoritative in your niche.

Now, what if you have old, crappy content?

There are many ways on how to improve website content.

As mentioned earlier, you can try content creation or short blogs, although pillar blog posts are a game-changer.

On the other hand, create a link building strategy that works. It is another option to try if you want to get enough backlinks that matter - meaning links that add value to your site rather than harming it.

Hence, when doing this, you need to be more careful in choosing the sites you link with - perhaps, you can check their domain authority first before linking to them.

This is helpful and will help you keep your site away from untrusted sites that will only penalize your website rather than boosting its ranking.

So, what do you think?

Honestly, with all information that you read now, you should be able to pull this off and turn your underperforming website into something worthy of your time and resources.
After all, you can monetize from a well-performing site if all criteria are met.

This alone should be part of your goal.

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