TikTok Marketing Strategy

3-Step TikTok Marketing Strategy

April 20, 2023CategoriesTags

Brands are leveraging the popularity of TikTok and the attention that some content creators are receiving worldwide by making noticeable changes to their advertising tactics and content strategies to appeal to the expanding new audience and the dwindling attention spans. You may have noticed that many of the videos coming from corporate accounts are pretty brief. This social media marketing is done to hook the audience before they can scroll.

Here are 3-Step marketing strategies you may use with the Tiktok application.

1. Keep Marketing Strategy Brief and Straightforward

Take note if you're new to TikTok video strategy. Most TikTok videos that receive views and shares are under a minute long. The maximum length of the TikTok app was recently increased to three minutes, but that isn't good news for a company looking to attract more customers and lower bounce rates. 

Keep your message straightforward as well. The audience perceives a sense of professionalism from concise, direct lines without irrelevant keywords. Getting straight to the point is the most effective until you have devoted followers.

2. Be unique

Following the most recent trends is a good idea if you want to attract Gen Z or younger audiences. Still, it is also essential to find a way to differentiate yourself from the competition. 

Use bizarre colors and editing techniques, and loop your video so that viewers end up watching it twice. A scroller will be more likely to stay on your page if they see anything unusual after watching your video.

3. Utilize the TikTok algorithm to determine what's popular

TikTok's algorithm is an extraordinarily potent tool to curate the ideal material for each scroller's "For You Page." 

The system sorts videos into categories for target audiences based on factors including hashtags, video length, content, and the artist. TikTok is recognized for giving special attention to 7-second videos and some hashtags (even if they have nothing to do with your content). Use hashtag challenges or trend @ challenges, or think of original ideas to distinguish your videos from the competition. Your company will succeed if you use this understanding of TikTok trends and the algorithm's operation. A word of advice: use every trick in the book to keep your target audience interested.


If your company has a unique viewpoint, a compelling narrative to share, or excellent thought leadership advice, Tiktok is the ideal venue for you. You may launch your online digital marketing campaign by starting with our TikTok Marketing Strategy steps.

Visit KLB Solutions LLC right now, and we'll help you get started if you and your company feel that creating a social media presence would be beneficial.

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