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Small businesses frequently need to pay more attention to the requirements for Instagram success. It seems so simple. Add hashtags and a picture of your product online, and your sales will soar. However, things work differently. Then there is the issue of keeping up with innovations and trends. If you want to succeed, you need an experienced Instagram strategist.

Here are a few pointers for your Instagram success.

1. Before You Leap, Think

Consider your reasons for starting an Instagram business account before you do so. Who do you want to reach with your message? Do you know what your audience wants from your content? Do you have a set of objectives? How will we measure success? Then, before publishing another post, pause, research, and develop a strategy if you do not know the answers.

2. Share Thoughts, Not Just Products

Instagram has added shopping features for businesses due to brands treating the platform as a sales platform for a long time. But take this as something other than permission to focus solely on selling in your posts and time. Being social should be the primary focus of social media. Share your goals, ideas, and passions. The passions of their target audience are the focus of successful brands' clever marketing strategies. For example, red Bull rarely displays any of their products. Typically, General Electric says its products, but its copy emphasizes the larger picture and how it assists the world.

3. Use A Calendar For Writing

Establish a strategy and consistently adhere to it. If you post the same thing repeatedly, you want to avoid being seen as a Johnny-One-Note. Vary it up. Narrate stories. Concentrate on what motivates you and your audience. Discuss current events. Utilize visuals to convey statistics. Posts written at the last minute always sound the same as previous posts.

Pro Tip for Instagram: When planning your content calendar, consider 4-1-1. This indicates that you should write four posts about shared interests, one about selling and one about the business but not the product. 

4. Be Careful With Hashtags

Hashtags are more than just a way to group content. They are an effective tool for expanding your audience and getting your brand noticed in organic search results and Instagram feeds. But you need to use hashtags in the right posts to accomplish that. This requires you to research instead of relying on a single set you use for each position (a practice that could result in a penalty) or using everyone you believe is relevant.

Pro Tip for Instagram: More is not better regarding hashtags. Chewy and other savvy brands use very few hashtags. Instead, they include it in the text to demonstrate its validity whenever they use it. Newbies fill their posts with 11 or more irrelevant comments.

5. Make A Hashtag That Is Branded

Create a one-of-a-kind hashtag for your brand to help expand your audience and raise brand awareness. Coca-Cola comes to mind when you see the hashtag #ShareACoke. Lay's asked followers to #DoUsAFlavor, and Disney created the hashtag #ShareYourEars. Your audience will use it if you get it right, introducing your brand to their followers.

6. Post As Scheduled

Maintaining consistency in your posting schedule holds greater significance than the frequency of your posts. Some experts say one day is better than another, and algorithms that will track when your audience consumes your content. Innovative brands use complex data to determine when their audience is consuming content and measure their actual engagement. Then, they use that data to establish or alter their posting schedule and timing.

7. Be Friendly

Being a part of the community is necessary. You are a part of that community whenever you use a hashtag. Therefore, you must play by the rules: comment on posts by others. Use the hashtag, but don't just use it and ignore other posts with the same hashtag. Instead, please praise their image, comment on their text, and share their post with others. Increase your visibility and acquire three fans by commenting on posts that have received a lot of likes or comments.

8. Instead Of A Lecture, Have A Conversation

Respond to any comments that are left. It's social media, right? Nobody wants to be that person who talks to the group and ignores what everyone else at the party has to say. A simple thank you makes a big difference. It is acceptable to cease responding to comments and followers after 24 hours if you have thousands of them. And even acknowledging your follower through a comment or emoji response is sufficient.

Pro Tip for Instagram: Stay friendly if the comment is negative; assist them in taking it offline, and then deal with it as soon as possible. Ignore the word if it is a request for something unrelated or a plea to visit their website.

9. Find Out What Matters

Concentrate on what matters most to you. Then, measure the key performance indicators (KPIs) that assist you in achieving the business objectives you have established for each social media account. No matter what you decide to measure, you should have a straightforward procedure and regularly check your metrics.

Pro Tip for Instagram: Instagram users can now hide the number of "Likes" in their feeds. It's one way to transform the conversation from a popularity contest into a more nuanced discussion, and it was created to alleviate social pressure.

10. Make Time

However, brands must allocate resources to entice their target audience to spend more time with them. It takes time to create great content. You can't make posts that people want to share at the last minute. Stories, multi-slide decks, and videos encourage followers to read each post for longer.

Pro Tip for Instagram: If you are an online retailer, you should take advantage of the most recent features, such as the capacity for followers to purchase directly from a Story.

11. Be Prepared To Adopt New Features

Try out as many new features as Instagram adds to see which ones work best for your social media strategy. Instagram live videos are broadcasted instantly. It vanishes after the video broadcast is finished. The feature is ideal for special product launches, introductions, or announcements. 

12. Be Relevant

According to experts, our attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish. In addition, we are all aware, from personal experience, of the numerous squirrels ready to distract us when we go online. Therefore, it's essential to ask for your audience's attention. You must be ready to give them something in exchange for their attention. 

13. Be Creative Without Reservation

Have you seen Instagram from Google? In organic search, you won't find pictures of motherboards, data algorithms, or how to get to the top. Dooglers—the dogs of Google employees—are clever graphics that delight, define, and entertain. Did you know that using a dictionary can be fun? The Merriam-Webster account explains the word of the day visually and engagingly, that not only informs but also delights.


Achieving success on Instagram as a small business involves more than simply posting product images and using hashtags. It requires a strategic, thoughtful approach, an understanding of your audience's preferences, and a consistent posting schedule. 

Ultimately, small businesses must recognize that Instagram's success is an ongoing effort that requires time and resources. However, with a well-planned strategy and a customer-centric approach, small businesses can effectively use Instagram to connect with their audience, build brand recognition, and drive business growth.

You can write great posts if a dictionary and a search engine company can! KLB Solutions LLC can help you understand your Instagram metrics, develop a strategy, and create engaging content to take it to the next level. We can help you find your social groove if you give us a call.

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