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Want to know more about running Facebook ads? We offer 1 on 1 Facebook ads consultations. Go from zero to hero and bring your ads to the next level. There are some basics that we need to cover.

Facebook Ads Basics

Let's cover some Facebook ads basics including how to split test ads, headlines, descriptions, copy, and graphics. There is a lot to cover, so we break down the basics first. Then we get into the advanced techniques as you become more comfortable.

Reporting Views for Your Success Metrics

Based on the type of campaign you are running and your current goal, we need to track different success metrics. We can customize the columns on our reports to provide link clicks, engagements, or conversions in a single report. Saving the custom report for future use will allow us to go back and report on an apples to apples basis month over month or week over week.

Delivery Optimization Based on Your Facebook Ads Campaign Goal

Each Facebook Ad campaign has a different goal. This may be getting people to land on your page, fill our a form, or like and share your posts with others. We take the time to understand your goals and explain the difference between the various delivery optimization methods to get your campaign the results you are looking for.

Facebook Ads Sets Control Your Target Audience

Facebook Ad Sets Control which target audience you want to show your ads to. We want to limit the target audience to those who are more interested in your services or products.

We will go over how to use interest and exclusions to get better results in ads. We will also take the time to explain the and or relationship with inclusions and exclusions of audience interests. Why show ads to those who we know are not interested or outside of our target demographics.

We can setup Ad sets to use campaign level budget and auto balance and chose the best adset based on statistics and Facebook's machine Learning.

We will explain how to duplicate ad sets to create split tests. Testing various demographic differences based on the results we are seeing. These can be based on interest of geographic location.


We will help you to provide multiple headlines, descriptions, and primary text in your ads to allow the Machine Learning Algorithm to do its job. The more content we provide, the better the AI can asses which content engages with your target audience.

Other split testing options would include making new graphics, carousels, and video ads to see which outperforms the others.  

Additional split test may be to create various headlines and descriptions to see which synergizes with the target audience.

Generic Split Testing Advice

Don’t change too much at a time during a split test. This way, we can see what impact the changes made. Don’t change graphics and verbiage at the same time or we won’t know what the results mean. In the same light, don’t change the target audience and the graphics or messaging at the same time as we won’t know if it was the audience or the ad that made the difference. 

There is a lot to running successful digital ads. The good news is you don't have to do it alone. We are here to help. Book a consultation today.

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